t-shirt projects...

so i've been in a crafty mood lately...probably from the hours of etsy browsing that i've done in the past few months! i own a sewing machine and used to sew often with my mimi, but haven't mastered the art on my own! needless to say, all my "sewing" projects are adhered to fabrics with wonder-under and then hand-sewn around the edges...ha.

i think i'm going to have the boys wear these to the hospital for some pics of them with the baby for the first time. i wish i could find a super, tiny navy onesie so they could match exactly, but they still are cute. i love the gingham!
originally, i was going to make christmas-y tie shirts, but couldn't find cute find the right fabrics...and my mom found a really cute sweater outfit for knox so we are going with a dressier look! the suspenders crack me up.
the big boy shirts cost a total of $6.60 each and knox's were like $4.50 each. cheap, but so cute!


Kyndal said...

These are all SO precious! I especially love Knox's tie and suspenders. :) Talented momma! I can't believe you're getting so close to meeting him. Yay!

Amy said...

Sooooo cute! I've seen that on Pinterest. I love to sew but with 2 boys at home and I babysit 2 baby girls, I don't have much time and in the evenings I just want to be with my men. They look great! Knox is a very cool name by the way. Not sure if I told you that or not.

Lyndi said...

Adorable! The tie ones are precious!! :) Your new little one will be here so soon. Can't wait to see him... I'm sure he will be another handsome boy like your others!! :)