36 weeks 5 days...

oops...i let 3 weeks go by since posting a baby update. i've been a bit busy and had a few things on my mind :) i don't understand nesting at all. it's not relaxing. just the opposite in fact. it makes me crazy always having things floating in and out of my mind. starting and stopping a million projects. add christmas, birthdays and all the craziness that this time of year brings on top of it and you got one exhausted mama who has no desire to blog at the end of the day!

pregnancy highlights
how far along: 36w5d
size of baby: about 6 lbs, 18.5 inches
total weight gain/loss: +27 lbs! i gained 30 total with canon and 35 with ledger.
maternity clothes: yes...and i'm so sick of my clothes. i've worn the daylights out of them and am tired of wearing the same things each week! hoping for a quick transition back to normal clothes. that awkward, post baby stage is so...awkward.
gender: a sweet boy.
name: knox oliver. i want to make a note that in the beginning the boys and lane referred to him more as ollie, but lately, they've been saying knox or knoxy.
movement: everything i read says movements slow way down by this point. not my kid. if anything i feel he moves more. every evening he comes alive for several hours. i do wonder if his movements have anything to do with all the braxton-hicks contractions i have squishing his habitat. i'm going to miss feeling his sweet moves inside, i know!
sleep: i can't complain too much. i fall asleep easily, then wake up every time i need to flip, but go right back to sleep. i'm sleeping with a pillow into between my legs and can get pretty comfortable with that! i do wake up between 6 and 6:30 each morning ready to go. i wish i'd sleep until the boys woke. i haven't had to set an alarm in forever between my body's cycle and the boys'! i am amazed at the amount of water i drink during the day and especially evenings, and maybe get up once a night to potty...no complaints here!
cravings: desserts and pb&j sandwiches! after not wanting sweets for most of the pregnancy, i'm finding myself baking more!
symptoms: reflux (although not as bad as it has been). pregnancy brain. general aches and pains in my pelvis. i grunt a lot standing up/getting off the couch we've noticed. VERY short of breath! i honestly feel so much better than with ledger.
best moment of the week(s): finishing lots of projects in baby room. packing a hospital bag. finishing up christmas shopping. i have so many lists floating around since my memory doesn't work half the time! having a dr appointments.
i feel like he looks so different in each new picture we get. so anxious to see what his sweet face looks like!

i had a doctor's appointment yesterday. i will miss going to them! we LOVE our office and feel so blessed to have found such a great place and doctor. he's a hoot! i didn't have to have the group b strep test done since i was positive with ledger. once you get a positive, they treat each pregnancy after as positive. i did get checked, though. with as many intense, braxton-hicks i've had, i was anxious to see if they were doing anything. i was 2-3cm. i was 1-2 with ledger for 2 weeks before he was born. i go back in a week. i'm anxious to know if i'll go soon on my own or if he'll hang out awhile like his brothers!


Lyndi said...

Oh my goodness, you're SO close!! He will be here before you know it! :) I want to see pics of his room... I'm sure it is adorable!!

C R said...

WOW, Kelli! You are finally looking preggers (at the end)!

kyle and megan said...

how exciting! and you look great! hopefully we can get our baby boys together sometime soon! :)