past few days...

it's been a busy weekend, and i don't know when i've been this tired (probably not that long ago...ha)! thursday was my "finish up all errands and shopping before the baby comes day"! ledger and i made 8 stops while canon was at school. we accomplished everything, but i was pretty sure all the in and out and lifting was going to send me into labor! that night, i drug out all the christmas gifts and marathon wrapped. but at least it's done!

friday morning, we headed to muskogee early to watch aunt chloe in her school program. the boys did great and were very attentive to the play, especially since there wasn't much music. we enjoyed refreshments afterwards with oomah and pops. lane and the boys headed to his parents while i got a much needed haircut. i wish i could do it every other week!

that whole morning, i was having pretty contractions that were coming every couple of minutes and lasting 15-20 seconds. they also were accompanied by twinges of pain. i hate not knowing what's real and not.
that evening was our jr. high youth group party. after getting home, eating a quick dinner (where i shamlessly put away 2 pb&j sandwiches), we headed up to the church. the boys were very excited about a party. lane scored this obnoxious rapping snowman that has been circulating the youth group for a few years. the boys were very excited about this! i was in bed by 10 that night, but not before having a freak out moment on the condition of our house. i deemed saturday morning "clean the house as if the baby will be here tonight" day :)
saturday, we had our traditional donuts and then i started cleaning with a vengenance. i wasn't having many contractions, but friday put enough fear in me to get me motivated! i was moving furniture, vacuuming the couches, re-organizing drawers. lane may have had to have a humbling talk with me about my nazi-like behavior. i ran out of time as we needed to be at a staff/elder christmas party at 2. the boys were pretty excited about attending another party with treats. we came home late afternoon for a short nap before attending the high school christmas party. it was a progressive dinner with stops at quik trip for drinks, qdoba for appetizers, chick-fil-a for the entree and then to a sweet family's house for dessert and dirty santa. thankfully, we were able to get rid of the rapping santa.
i was so ready for bed last night. i was in bed by 10:15! unfortunately, ledger woke up at 3 and got sick a couple of times. while lane bathed and made a pallet for the sick boy, i was rinsing laundry. i'm such a wuss when it comes to throw-up! canon ended up sleeping with me while lane held down the fort at camp hurlton (he named it while they weren't sleeping). i think this was ledger's first time to be sick like that.
this morning, we are hanging out at home. he got sick again on both of us which made things interesting. canon also has some kind of deep cough and a runny nose so we started breathing treatments with him in hopes of kicking it before it gets worse. we got to get rid of these sick germs before the baby comes. i'm not even worrying about re-cleaning until at least tonight. we're just hanging out watching movies and hoping to take a really good nap this afternoon. lane has a really busy day and week so hopefully ledge is on the mend...and baby stays put for a few more days. even though i'm so beyond ready to meet this sweet baby :)

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levi.eden.nora.cordie. said...

Sweetest little family! Where in Muskogee do you get your haircut? Can't wait to meet your new son!