knox's first week (in iphone pics)...

it's the most bizarre feeling knowing knox is only a week old (and a day!), yet he fits so perfectly into our lives. it's almost hard to remember life just 8 short days ago. i'm so thankful for the slow, low-key week we've had. 
we came home from the hospital on wednesday evening. the boys were still in muskogee so we had a couple of days to just focus on knox. very thankful for that time! 
home sweet home!
our first night at home was pretty decent and has been great since. we started him out in the pack n' play and within an hour...
...he was in the bouncer. this is where he has slept since. partly because it was easier to take to my mom's and mostly because he loves it! after we are done traveling, we will make the move to his bed. 
thursday morning, he had his first appointment with the pediatrician. he was jaundiced and we had to go in for bloodwork and a weight check. at 2.5 days, he weighed 6lb 12.5oz. we went back on friday and he was up to 6lb 15oz.
his jaundice was still just a bit high so we had to do sun therapy for a few days. bless his heart, he would sweat so much when we put him in the sun. looks like another hot-natured boy!
thursday was a busy day of grandparent visits. my dad came over that morning to snuggle the sweet boy. thursday afternoon, my mom, sisters and kyle brought the boys up so we could go get a santa picture. also, lauren and kyle got to meet knox! that evening, lane's parents came over to see the baby. 
sleepy baby smiles are the best. i had to be patient to get this pic!
friday afternoon, we headed to my mom's to spend the weekend. the 3 boys were reunited and were so happy to be! the boys have been great with him. they LOVE to see/touch/ talk/poke (love)/hold him. my favorite time with all 3 boys so far is after knox's 8am feeding when everyones waking up and knox is super alert. we just sit on the bed while the big boys love on the baby!
knox did phenomenal while we were gone. he looks so over christmas in this picture!
he really is the sweetest, most laid back baby. we still haven't seen him cry inconsolably. he will fuss if he's dirty or wants his passy (so thankful that he's taking this so well after ledger not), but settles down immediately once you tend to these things. i know we are only a week in and things can change fast, but right now, we are enjoying this quiet, sleepy phase! his sleep schedule is wonderful. with the jaundice and trying to get back to birth weight, i'm waking him every 3 hours to eat. during the night, i have to wake him up. looking forward to not setting my clock for every 3 hours. however, he's a champ at nursing.
first impressions:
  • we don't think he favors anyone heavily. he probably looks more like canon than ledger, but the chubby cheeks and hair makes me think ledger. he definitely has canon's mouth and hairline. 
  • he has long toes and fingers...unlike the other 3 boys in my house.
  • i totally call him ledger more than knox!
  • his brothers are so smitten. 
  • he LOVES his bouncer and passy.
  • newborn sized clothes and diapers look adorable on him.
  • he likes to be swaddled.
  • he smells wonderful. 
  • he's a great cuddler.
  • car seats/car rides don't bother him. 
  • we love him to pieces and are so grateful to god for his perfect timing. he is faithful!
we love you so much, knox! we look forward to watching you grow into who you were created to be!

(ps...lots of blog catch-up to come in the next few days!)

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Morgan said...

Kel, He is precious!!! I cannot wait to meet him soon! (I'll text you soon to make sure the dates will work!) I definitely agree - I don't think he favors anyone heavily. He is a good mix between Canon and Ledger! So excited for your fam! See you soon!