our new reality...

so this week has been my reality check. after having lane off for 2 full weeks and being with family for most of that time, i was on my own with my 3 sweet boys. thankfully, we've never had issues with the older ones when going out and about, but adding a newborn to the mix always keeps things interesting! 

first thing on tuesday morning, knox had his 2 week check-up. we were all up, showered, dressed, fed and out the door on time. i may have had lane give the big boys a pep talk before leaving for work. and he  may have bribed them with a movie and snack before bed that night if everyone obeyed! no fear...they did great. the nurse told them to tell their daddy that they did a great job!
after the doctor, we ran to babies r us for diapers and wipes. during checkout, canon announced he needed to potty. usually, i would take both boys to the bathroom and tell them repeatedly not to touch anything (i even have them trained to hold their own hands while we are in there). but having already paid for a cart full of diapers and having a baby carrier, too, i told him we could use a special potty in the van. i totally let my kid pee in a water bottle! i panicked and that's the only alternative to the nasty bathroom i could come up with! it actually worked well and i may keep an empty bottle in his backpack form now on.
another adjustment has been seating arrangements in the van. as soon as we found out we were having a baby, i started trying to come up with the easiest possible way to do car seats. we took one of the captain seats in the middle out and moved both big boys to the back row. this way i just climb in and buckle them instead of having to climb over 2 seats in the middle to buckle one in the back. i have the big double stroller in the back so i just load groceries/luggage/whatever in the middle. so far it's worked great...especially for the peeing mentioned above!
wednesday morning after speech, my dad came over to watch the big boys while knox and i ran to walmart. after not being home for 2 weeks, i had to go asap! i was amazed at how easy and fast the trip seemed with a sleeping newborn vs. a verbal toddler. most of the time (until may), it'll be ledge and knox with me, but it was a nice break from the ordinary. that evening, i even managed to get everyone to church on time by myself.

thursday morning, lane had a meeting, so i got everyone out the door ON TIME (can you tell how huge this is to me?!) to get canon to school. the little boys and i ran 5 errands and survived. we even made it home before it was time for knox to nurse! i did have lane bring canon home so i could lay ledge and knox down for a much needed nap. lane had another late evening so i did dinner, bathtime, and bedtime. AND SURVIVED!

i was so worried at how time management would go with 3. i felt like it always took awhile just to get me and 2 kids ready and out the door. with a newborn, the nursing schedule alone adds so much more time. i realize we will be late more than i would like, but i've also realized and accepted that that's just where we are in life. i've gotta enjoy these precious times with these boys. it goes by too darn fast! so this, my friends, is our new reality!!

i should also mention that are church family have been so gracious in providing meals for us this week. it has been such a help and made things go smoother than they would've otherwise!