knox at 3 weeks...

these have been the best 3 weeks! we have so enjoyed getting to know knox and he fits our family perfectly. it's hard to believe that he is only 3 weeks. it seems like an eternity ago that he was born...which i'm so thankful for! i want time to creep by so i can enjoy this stage for as long as possible :) here's what ollie's up to...
  • he nurses 8 times per day. eats well, but is SLOW...30 minute sessions. spits up easily. 
  • he sleeps ALL the time, which has been great until the past 3 nights when he has had wake periods where he's restless and grunts a lot. as of today, babywise bootcamp has begun...eat. wake. sleep. repeat!
  • he grunts. a lot. he also in the past day has begun to make cooing sounds. so sweet!
  • he smiles often in his sleep, but is on the verge of social smiling, too. 
  • he has yet to have crying spells that we can't console him. picking him up, giving him a passy, changing him, or swaddling him does the trick!
  • he goes through 10-12 diapers a day.
  • he is still wearing newborn clothing and diapers. i tried on a 0-3 month outfit and it swallowed him. i'm loving him staying smaller longer!
  • he sleeps in our room at night, his during the day, hangs out in his bouncer and LOVES being held!
  • he's in that peel-y newborn stage.
  • he loves watching his big brothers. 
  • his big brothers LOVE him to pieces. 
  • he LOVES his passy, being swaddled and his mommy (and daddy!).
  • he HATES being poopy and taking a bath.
  • he is the SWEETEST baby!
the magic of the passy!
knox oliver, we are so in love with you, sweet boy! thank you for making us smile all the time. you are my angel baby :)


Caitlin A said...
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Caitlin A said...

Oops! Knox is absolutely precious, Kelli! We've started baby wise too....heard it's quite a miracle!

kyle and megan said...

he is so adorable kelli!

Lyndi said...

he's ADORABLE!! :) so glad your boys love him too! congrats to you and your sweet family!!