birthday treats...

i totally am still 7 years old when it comes to birthday giddiness. you all know i milk it for all it's worth! lane and i's grandparents along with our parents and siblings still spoil me. checking the mail on or around my birthday just about pushes me over the edge! however, i save all my birthday cards to open at the end of the day on my birthday. lane thinks i'm crazy! maybe ;)

so after all the birthday hoopla was over, i then had the tough decision on what to spend my birthday money on! first up on my list was a new purse. i haven't carried a purse since pre-canon. i've just used the little id wallet with my keys attached and thrown it in the diaper bag and put my phone in my back pocket. i figured it was time for at least a cross body bag!
my first pair of TOMS! i'm always 2-3 years behind trends. i wear flats with jeans and my black pumas with yoga pants. i didn't have anything a little more casual to wear with jeans. i was going to get plain black, but my sister, lauren, said NO! thank goodness i have 2 sisters that keep me somewhat hip. however, i am loving my neutral shoes. i think they are a good color for spring/summer.
since getting my dslr camera at christmas time, i had just had it sitting out and about. i also had 2 lenses and a flash that i needed to store. of course any 'ol bag wasn't going to do. found this cute bag at lane's favorite camera store. it's the perfect, non-bulky size. and again...hands-free!

got this little gem off of etsy. now my camera strap is cute! yes, this is the same fabric that is in knox's nursery. i love orange and i love polka dots.

remember lane's little scavenger hunt he sent me on? one of the gifts was a LOFT giftcard. when i went in to the store, select items were 40% off...score. my post-baby body is loving the loose blouse trend!
i was also showered with love by friends who gifted me a super cute scarf and starbucks, sonic and amc giftcards. along with yummy baked treats! they know me well. it was such a great birthday. it's always nice to have people love on you and make you feel special :)


Lyndi said...

LOVE that top you got from LOFT! I just love that store... I'm hoping for birthday money next month to stock up on some new spring/summer essentials for my closet!! :)

Heather said...

I always get my birthday gift from my aunt at Christmas and leave it wrapped and ready to open until my birthday, a month later. Everyone thinks I am crazy, too!