knox at 2 months...

2 months ago today, our sweet knox came into our lives and changed it for the better! i say all the time how it's impossible to imagine life before him. i love how that happens! here's a little of what he's up to...
he has the sweetest disposition and is the most content baby. he rarely cries. like we still haven't had times where he's inconsolable. a few weeks ago, he cried with gas for 10 minutes like we've never heard him cry. it was scary! so fortunate for this since my time is split 3 ways during the days! at 5 weeks, he finally flashed us some big smiles while he was awake. by 6 weeks, it was a part of our everyday! in the past couple of weeks, he's also started cooing. i LOVE watching his little body squirm like he's bringing the sound up from his feet then lets it escape. best sound ever! he has stayed in the nursery at church now twice in the past week and done just fine, except blowing out on our sweet friend! he LOVES when his big brothers talk to him. they adore him! 
his playtime still takes effort to keep him awake. the little time he is awake is spent trying to make him smile/talk, playing peek-a-boo, practicing tracking, sitting in his bouncer where he tries to grab at his hanging friends, or doing some tummy time on the playmat. his tummy time is probably lagging behind a bit because he hates it so much. although when we are holding him, he has pretty good head control and his legs are strong. he's found his hands, but hasn't figured out the coordination thing yet! he is often found smacking himself in the face. a lot of times i go to get him up from a nap and he's sucking on his fist. 
he's a great eater. i'm anxious to see how much he's gained when he goes for his appointment this week. he was 12lb 3oz almost 2 weeks ago. he nurses about 6 times in a 24 hour period. from 8am-9pm he nurses every 2.5-3 hours. at 9pm, we lay him down for the night and then he eats 6 hours later, then will go another 5 hours. he started taking a bottle this month when needed like a champ. my others never did. he still exclusively nurses, but lane and i have been able to go out a few times and he's done great taking the bottle while we've been gone. i had mastitis earlier in the month so i was having to pump after every feeding. thankfully, my milk supply is back up, plus some! he still LOVES his passy. it makes any fussiness stop instantly. 
i really can't complain about his sleeping habits. of course, i would prefer him to be sleeping 12 hours straight, but i can handle one feeding. i keep wondering when he's going to wake up from his newborn, sleepy phase. i suppose i'll enjoy it while it lasts! he LOVES his sleep. he's been really great about putting himself to sleep during the day and going right back to sleep after the middle of the night feeding. of his 60+ days, we've only had 2 rough nights where he wouldn't go back to sleep. him sleeping in his own room has been wonderful. i'm a much more rested momma that way! during the day, he eats, "plays" for a bit and then lets me know when he's ready for his bed. we repeat that cycle all day. he still LOVES to be swaddled. there's nothing a good swaddle can't fix for this boy! thankfully, he's a flexible boy and sleeps just fine in his carseat if we need to be out. 
still learning my camera and i was playing with the flash. the lighting is inconsistent, but i couldn't throw them out!
he enjoys his bath time. so far, he's only peed in the tub once! he's yet to pee on us outside of the tub. we just lay him on his little sponge in the tub and pour water over him and he totally relaxes. he likes to be sung to during bath time and while getting dressed. 
he's in a size 1 diaper, but prob needs to be moved up. i'm trying to stretch it while i finish up a package of 1's. he's in 0-3 month clothing, although probably for only another week or 2 :(  doctor appointment this week and i'll know his weight and length. 
my word, what a difference a month makes!
sweet ollie, 

you make my heart smile every time i look at you. and it explodes when you smile back! i wish i could just bottle up your newborn, sweetness forever! i thank god for your precious life. i love you, baby boy.


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