and so it continues...

this morning, i woke up looking and feeling almost normal. thank goodness! canon was up for about an hour during the night crying to sleep with me. lane said he felt warm so i took his temp and it was only 100.3. lane went ahead and gave him some motrin hoping that it would help him rest better. once he woke up this morning, it was evident quickly that he did not feel good. when the boy turns breakfast down, that is saying something! i took his temp and it was 102.5. poor boy, got the 24 hour virus ledger had earlier in the week.

knox had his 4 month check-up scheduled for late morning so we got around and out the door...on time. victory! this was our first time out of the house since monday. i was pretty excited to be at the doctor's office. i always enjoy visiting with our nurse and pediatrician, but especially today!

ledger was wound.up. he was in entertainer role. knox was cracking up at him while we waited. can you tell canon was fed up with him in this picture?! he kept telling him, "gedgie, look at the camera."
this little guy did so great! i LOVE that each of my boys are their own person. he's growing at his own rate and is perfect. he weighed 15lb 12 oz (50th %ile) and was 26" (90th %ile). his noggin was in the 80th %ile. ledge weighed 16lb 12oz and canon was 13lb 5oz at this age. no concerns at this point (that's sure nice to hear!). his next milestone that he needs to aim for is rolling over. he's so close. he's just now  getting a hang of being on his stomach so it's not too far off. 
canon looked like this for most of our visit. i hate when you can just look at their eyes and see how awful they feel.
my ornery, second-born!
waiting for his shots. he did so good. he cried during the actual sticks and as soon as she was finished he stopped. my brave boy!
after leaving the office, it was already 12:45 and we (me and ledge) were HUNGRY. i made a last minute decision to pull off the highway and into chick-fil-a. i ordered and pulled up to the window. the lady said, "it's on us today" as she was handing me my order. needless to say, it pretty much made my day. so glad i splurged on a large lemonade AND a cookie!

canon's fever was high when we got home so i gave him a sponge bath and put him to bed. he slept for 4 hours. when he woke up, he started complaining of an upset tummy. sure enough, he got sick. over and over. bless his heart, he hasn't eaten anything today, but that doesn't seem to matter. if it continues, i guess we will head to the doctor for fluids in the morning. say a prayer for my sweet boy, will you? there's not much worse than watching his little body dry heaving.

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Nicole Rodriguez said...

poor guy! hope he's feeling better today. and feel meal from cfa?! never knew they did that! awesome :)