that thing you do...

my boys have always enjoyed music, especially canon. he actually has some rhythm and LOVES to play the drums. they've always been his favorite. ledger, bless his heart, loves music, too, but lacks in the rhythm department thanks to his momma (sorry, bud!). they love singing, dancing and playing instruments. 

lane probably couldn't live without music. we aren't willing to test this theory! i don't have a musical bone in my body (nor does my family...ha). lane can play several instruments. i can play 'mary had a little lamb' on the piano and that is it. i'm often found clapping off beat and cannot carry a tune to save my life.

about a month ago, lane introduced the boys to the movie 'that thing you do' and to say they are obsessed is an understatement. it's a great movie, even if we watch it on a loop! the boys are really into pretending and have, in the past, only taken on superheros personas, but not anymore. canon will only respond to drummer guy or guy patterson (the drummer). they are often heard discussing whether ledger will be lenny, jimmy, or the bass player. at restaurants, we have to get extra straws so canon doesn't drive the  people near us crazy. we have to listen to this song first when we get in the van. as i type this, canon is on his little drum set banging out the first few beats of the song 'that thing you do' (spot on, too). how we wish his uncle tyler lived closer to give him some lessons. so, yes, obsessed is a mild description of this love they have found!

here are my little rockstars singing their favorite song:

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Kyndal said...

So precious! I haven't watched that movie in ages and ages, but I love it, too. :)