tornadoes and pink eye...

this past week, the news made it very obvious that we would have a stormy weekend. as it got closer in the week, they kept talking about the high threat for tornadoes. let's stop here for a minute. i don't do well at all with tornado warnings. i lose it. now that i have kids, i try to keep it together, but that only lasts for a few minutes! thank goodness i'm married to mr. calm in ANY situation. 

so this weekend. my calm in a storm left town for a youth group trip. and was replaced with possibly a bigger panicker (ha) than myself. my sister! aside from watching the news a lot, we had a fun day. we met my dad for lunch and my mom for dinner. we then went to muskogee for the night. her husband, kyle,was actually in witchita when the tornadoes there hit, but he was somewhere with a basement and storm shelter and was ok. we kept waiting for the anticipated storms to make their way to eastern ok, but it seemed the timeline kept getting pushed back. i only slept in hour increments to get updates. would you believe that those darn storms didn't roll through until 8:30 this morning. i lost an entire night of good sleep for the slowest moving storm ever. it ended up just being a thunderstorm.

the rational part of my brain (which is pretty small!) tells me everything will be ok. that the odds are in our favor. but the irrational part flares up so fast and takes over. ever since the joplin tornado last year and seeing how it affected people we know and love, i've looked at tornadoes differently. i tweeted the other day about having my tornado backpack packed. last year (after joplin), i got my backpack out that was just sitting in my closet and gathered up everything that couldn't be replaced and important papers that don't warrant a spot in the safety deposit box. i kept it in the hall closet so it could be grabbed in a moment if need be. this weekend, i pulled it out and added back the things that have made their way out over the year. it houses my external harddrive, our many mini-dv tapes, my bill planner, a couple manilla folders of paperwork that we need, camera and video camera, chargers, computer, colors/coloring book and a couple bottles of water. things i need to add that have since come to mind: a small knife, flashlight, whistle...

this morning, we dropped aunt lala at the airport and spent the day at home. the boys have been pleasant and obedient which makes for a fantastic day! knox has been doing so much better at tummy time and has even started smiling while doing what to him is the most awful thing ever!
it's a big joke that when lane goes out of town, someone always gets sick. it's true and this time is no different. ledger woke up friday with green, gooby, bloodshots eyes. he also has had a runny nose and cough. this morning, canon woke with the same so i suppose we'll be heading to the doctor tomorrow for eye drops. they freak out when they wake up and their eyes are matted shut. we are germ-xing and clorox-wiping regularly. i assume knox will get it, too. poor boys.
canon requested his picture be taken while i was taking knox's pic. ledger said, "me, too" in his high voice. i LOVE my babies. now we are just counting down the minutes until it's time to go get daddy!

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Ashley said...

I am just like you with storms. And the same thing always seems to happen, I lose sleep for a thunderstorm. Oh me...

Your boys are so cute!