a not so typical monday...

mondays are our day at home with no alarm, no plans, only pj's, and lots of laundry and playing. i like this schedule we have. especially after we have a full weekend. however, this morning i knew i needed to take the boys to the pediatrician to get some eyedrops. i got up at 6:45 so I could get ready and have the boys up in time to call right when they open to get an appointment. we got the first appointment of the day at 9:00! lane was able to stay home with knox. if felt funny just being out with the big boys since knox is literally with me 24/7 right now. they were very brave while our NP looked them over. no nervousness, only smiles and high fives. strange! canon did ask me to hold his hand when she looked in his ears. we were sent home with scripts for antibiotic eyedrops and instructions to not touch knox's hands or face! 
of course, nothing is easy. i dropped off the scripts at our nearby pharmacy, took the boys home and went back 20 minutes later to pick up the meds. they said they were out of stock until tomorrow. i got the scripts back, went home, fed ollie, and loaded everyone up. i figured since i was going to have to hunt down 2 things of these drops, we may as well grocery shop while we waited since we had nothing at home. i haven't gone with all 3 in awhile. whew. they were good, just takes a lot longer! target only had one vial instock so i went ahead and got it since it was proving difficult to find. 

we left target and went across the street to walgreens. they had some, but said it'd be at least 30 minutes to fill. since it was already noon, we were all hungry so we headed to chick-fil-a for a quick lunch while we waited. the boys liked sitting in the front seat while they ate. they asked a million "what's that" questions about the van.
canon has been a little more difficult in the last couple of months. he has been the easiest child his whole life, but lately, has been increasingly whiny and disobedient. a lot of days, i feel like all we do is discipline and talk. his sleeping habits have also been...hmmm...annoying. we put him to bed and he is up at the door, knocking with request after request. or pestering ledger. or taking the slats out of the blinds. or singing really loud. this goes on for at least an hour, but usually longer. he ends up with a couple of spankings for disobeying as soon as we leave the room. 

all this to say that over the last few days, he has become a different child. we didn't do anything different. something just clicked. he talks nice. he asks for things politely. he says ok if we say no. he obeys right away. he's been kind to his brothers. he's gone to sleep well. everything has changed! we also decided to try a week with no naps to see if this helps bedtime any. so when i told lane this, he wanted to take canon out by himself to let him know we've noticed his good behavior. we laid ledger down for his nap then they left and went to merritt's (yummy) for "canon and daddy time". lane got a napoleon and canon picked a petit four. he just ate the icing off of his and then moved on to his daddy's treat. 

i've really been trying to be in tune with their love languages. both boys thrive on words of arrimation, but  quality time is really important to canon, too. i'm so thankful for their daddy seeing the importance of affirming and encouraging them. they are blessed little boys. and, no worries, lane will take ledger out soon.


Lauren said...

Sounds like a busy day...glad they got some drops though! Canon is hilarious...love his stubborn self. :)

the tichenor family said...

Hi Kelli!! I am just now getting a minute to head over to your blog after you commented on mine... I think you found me thru SUYL Boy Moms with Kelly's Korner! YOUR BOYS ARE SO PRECIOUS... oh my word, we could have so much fun together!! :) I am going to obsessively read through your posts-- can't believe how much we have in common, so fun! Thanks for "saying hi!"