things my kids say...

it's time for another installment of "things my kids say." i LOVE this stage of communication they're in. they talk non-stop (especially canon...24/7) and learn new words all the time. we are always amazed at how they pick up on words/sayings and use them in the right context. the human brain is amazing!

canon is excelling at speech right now. he is articulating things so well. his big problem we've been working on for the past 6ish months is "backing"...using a "k" sound in place of the easier, correct "t" sound. examples...bite=bike, sit=sick, what=whuk. just in the last month, something clicked and he is saying the words correctly 90% of the time. he enunciates that "t" sound so clearly at the end. we are now focusing on grammar and using correct tenses of verbs. i'm so proud of his hard work! one of his teachers at school told us that at the beginning of the school year, she could hardly understand what he was saying and if she asked him to repeat it, he would shut down in a sense. she said that now, she can understand him pretty much all of the time, and if she can't, she asks him to say it again and he speaks up and says it slowly and then she gets it. his confidence has grown so much this year! my baby's growing up!

ledger was backing some and leaving off the first consonant sound just like big brother used to do. it kind of made me nervous, but since we knew what to do for it from 1.5 years of speech, we have just been really intentional on modeling the correct way when he says it wrong. just in the past few weeks, though, he has been saying things correctly for the most part. he has also started talking in longer sentences and using correct sentence structure. hoping big bro picks up on this!

i keep a running note on my phone that i can add to when they say things that i don't want to forget. here's what they've said recently! welcome to my world:

  • canon has a bad habit of telling people what to say. mainly, in situations when he can gain something (too smart for his own good)! we are constantly having to remind him not to display this rude behavior. although, to his credit, we used to tell him regularly, "say _____"! 
  • for as long as i can remember, when canon hurts himself, he comes to me and says, "kiss this." i LOVE that even at almost 4, a kiss can make everything better! ledger does this, too, but only about 50% of the time. his duck is what he wants first after getting hurt.
  • "i SO hungry/tired/sleepy." this is his new thing. lane says he got that from me. canon is my mini-me. it's like i have a front row seat to myself at his age. he also said, "i'm starving" the other day. his dad rolled his eyes at me!
  • "i want something special." this is his go-to line if he doesn't like the snack you offered. it mainly means "i don't want fruit. i want candy." we use the term snack for fruit/something of sustenance and treat for junk! 
  • "i need to ask you a question." this is used when he really does have a question or just wants to tell you something. it is used most often at bedtime to stall shutting the door! in that case, it's usually, "i need to ask you just one question."
  • "why?" need i say more?? ugh.
  • he calls me mommy and lane is dad. he's starting to pick up a bit of a hick accent. we catch him drawing out words more. "dad" has become "da-ad." it's pretty cute!
  • and my favorite thing he says right now? "when i be 4, i will still give you hugs." **melt**. 
  • the number one thing out of this boy's mouth is "where my duck?", usually with a whiny tone. he is terrible at finding actual things. he looks right past them. but give the boy an i spy book and he can spot the items right away!
  • "time wake up." this can be a statement or a question. this is the first thing out of his mouth each morning when we go in. it's like he's declaring that it's ok for him to be awake. if you pretend like your sleeping, he pokes on you and tells you, "time wake up."
  • mom/dad/anyone, "i love you, ledger." the response? "thanks." oh my.
  • "that be awesome." in the sweetest voice ever!
  • "do da again." this is usually said in response to his daddy rough housing with him!
  • "and me, too." bless him, he wants to do/get everything his big brother does.
  • both boys refer to chick-fil-a as "chicken-a-lay."
  • "that scare me" is his new saying. he says it all sheepish. it's really cute. and stuff really doesn't scare him. he just thinks it does for a split second before he realizes how great whatever really is!
  • "o-kuh" is "ok." this is the regular 'ol way he says it, but it sounds like he's mocking you!
  • "oh my goodness!" the cutest thing ever.
  • "i happy." said while crying! if he's throwing a fit and carrying on, we tell him to go sit on his bed until he's done. he says, "i happy," in the most pathetic voice! sometimes he changes it up and says, "i done (crying)," while, clearly, he isn't.
  • and last, but not least..."i have diarrhea?" oh.my.word. we have no idea where he got this. heck, i didn't think we used this word that often in our house, but every time we change his dirty diaper, he ALWAYS asks us this. it's pretty funny coming from a 2.5 year old!

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Kerry said...

Kelli, it's so great that you are able to capture this time in your sweet kids' language development! It seems from this point forward it just explodes, and how quickly we forget those first, emergent sentences! Love your blog! :)