knox at 5 months...

you are a very social baby. pops thinks you will have an out-going personality. you love to smile. you love for people to talk to you. the days of you playing quietly by yourself are gone for the time being. you depend on your brothers for entertainment more than we realized. we got to have several days of one-on-one time with you while your brothers were gone. you kept us almost as busy as when the boys are here by demanding constant interaction! overall, you are just happy as a lark!
you love to play. we have brought out the big baby toys. you only like to sit in them for a brief time. you would rather someone interact and touch you. some of your favorite past times this month are: blowing rasberries, sucking your lip in and out, over and over, chewing on your TOES (so flexible!), being tickled, looking at your self in the mirror, reading books, singing songs and putting whatever you can into your mouth. still don't care to be on your tummy. you've figured out a way to get out of it...rolling back onto your back! when we sit you up, you stay for a few seconds. not pushing this one :( 
you still enjoy eating. you nurse 5-6 times a day with a 4-6 ounce bottle at bedtime. i pump each morning, and occasionally at bedtime. you love your passy. you can even put it in your mouth by yourself if it's within reach! you have started drooling like a madman this month. you still spit-up quite a bit, but it doesn't bother you.
sleeping is going well. you lay down at 8pm, drowsy, and wake up between 7-8am. maybe once a week, you will fuss over the monitor, and i will go in and put your passy in and you fall right back to sleep. you go back down 1-1.5 hours after waking up for about an hour. i try to keep you up through lunch, but some days you might take a 30 minute nap in between the late morning and early afternoon feedings. after eating around 1:30, you lay down until 4ish, your next feeding. your usually ready for another rest about 5:45-6:30. your schedule works for us! you also sleep well in your car seat. you do pull your blankie over your face and it freaks me out, but ledger did (does) the same thing and your blankie is a loose weave, thin, sweater blanket. you also chew on it when you wake up and don't have your passy in. 
you enjoy bath time. i love watching you kick your little feet. you are less smiley in the tub. more just aware and relaxed! you pee most days :)
you are wearing size 2's still. they still fit, but you are definitely growing. still only going #2 once every 1-2 weeks. once this month, we had to use a baby suppository since you were so uncomfortable (but still as smiley as ever. you are a strange one), but nothing else was working. man, those babies work...fast!
you weighed 15lb 12oz at your 4 month appt, but thankfully, we haven't had to go back this month so i don't know how much you are currently. i did find it interesting that you were 50th %ile for weight and 90th %ile on height. we've never been considered tall people! you are wearing 6--9 month footie jammies and 9 month or 6-12 month one-pieces (i only put you in one-pieces so your belly button isn't exposed). still no shoes, but i did try on a pair of our 0-6 month robeez and they were huge!
sweet boy, 

we love you so, so much! you make each day so much brighter. thank you for sharing your sweet spirit with us. we pray for you every single day. my biggest prayer for you is that you would love god with your whole heart. you are loved!


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