knox at 6 months...

you have the sweetest disposition! you smile ANYTIME anyone looks at you. we call you "grinny boy" because you grin all the time. you love attention. your laugh has developed into a cackle. it's pretty funny. if we imitate it, you immediately will start doing it. you still hardly ever fuss/cry. this weekend you have been a bit fussy and our family has commented that this is really the first time they've heard a fuss from you. 
playtime is pretty fun for you these days. this has been a big month for you. you are sitting up now and oh so proud! it happened really fast...like over 3 days. you also have mastered rolling from your back to stomach. you still enjoy your exersaucer. no favorite toys stand out. you just like anything you can get to your mouth! you still enjoy chewing on your toes and fingers...or anyones fingers for that matter! you, also, enjoy sticking your tongue out. thank heavens we got it clipped. you love for someone to play/sing/read/talk to you.
you still like to eat. and are really ready for solids. this month, your interest in our food and drinks has sky rocketed. we knew we were going to wait until 6 months to start solids. i've been enjoying nursing exclusively. it makes things so much easier! you nurse 5 times a day and then take a 4-6 ounce breastmilk bottle along with the bedtime feeding. i'm still pumping each morning. you love your passy and can put it in your mouth all by yourself! it makes everything better. you've slowed down big time on spitting up, but you now drool constantly (which is still better than spit-up!). 
still a good sleeper. you have moved your bedtime up this month on your own. you are ready for bed by 7-7:30. you promptly wake-up between 6:45-7, but so do your brothers so why not start our day at that time? :) you take an hour long nap in the morning and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. an evening nap is hit and miss these days. you still sleep on errands in your car seat well. one of my favorite times with you each day is when i get you out of your crib asleep and put you in bed with me until daddy comes to bed. i just starte at you and pray for you and cuddle you. sweetest time. you still draw your legs up when i get you out of bed asleep. just a little bit of newborn left in you!
you like to take a bath. it's fun to watch you splash your feet. we've also sat you up in the tub a few times and you splash with your hands. you still don't sit up solo in the tub. i'm too nervous to let go of you! 
you wear 3's now. we had a few blow-outs that required a bath each time so we moved you up. they look so big compared to the newborns you wore :( you are a bit more regular on the poo front...1-2 times every 5-7 days. still have pretty gross gas! 
at your big brothers' appointments last week, we put you on the scale and you weighed 17lbs 4 oz. we will take you for your 6 month check-up in a couple of weeks! you are wearing 9 month and 6-12 month outfits. primarily, one pieces, but i've put you in shorts a few times. you're cute in whatever! still don't fit in shoes. 
sweetest baby.
this is his cackle, scream!
LOVE that sweet face.

my heart feels like it can explode when i look at you. your sweet smiles make me melt all the time. i love that you're ours. you fit our family so well! happy 6 months, sweet guy!


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Kyndal said...

So I'm playing catch-up with the Mosses and just have to say (even though I've probably said it a few dozen times already) that I don't think it's possible for Knox to get any cuter!!! I love all of the facial expressions you're able to capture on camera. Just want to eat that boy up! Scary that he kinda makes me want another one, even though I have yet to finish baking this little girl... :)