ledger at 2.5 years...

what is your name? ded-der
what is your whole name? ded-der moss
how old are you? um...2 (trying to make a 2...which he still can't do)
what's your favorite color? purple
what's your favorite movie? bipable me (despicable me)
what's your favorite animal? um... monkeys!
what's your favorite song? "dat ding you do." (that thing you do)
what's your favorite food? um...brockey (broccoli...and he really does love it!)
who's your favorite superhero? batman
what's your favorite toy? "batman toy"
who's your best friend? hopie
who are your brothers? knox and canon (kind of sounds like canyon but not!)
what do you want to be when you grow up? a monkey.
what makes you happy? mommy
what makes you sad? um...a yion (lion)
what do you like to play? games
where do you like to go? dardet (target)
what do you like to do with daddy? ded-dul (wrestle)
what do you like to do with mommy? a snack (both of my children just see me as a way to get them food...ha)
what do you like to do with canon? ded-dul (wrestle)
what do you like to do with knox? play with him
*i asked them these questions separately. it was interesting to see how many were similar! 
personality: the picture above is a perfect depiction of ledger. he looks uber sweet, but so ornery at the same time! i love when he gets that little gleam in his eyes and you can see the wheels turning in his head. he is all-boy. he is quick to find rocks and sticks as soon as he goes outside. you can always find dirt under his finger nails. he loves wrestling and runs at you with full-speed. he wasn't scared of anything until a couple of months ago. now he likes to say, "dat scare me." he is laid-back, go with the flow...the ultimate piddler. he's tender-hearted. he likes to be funny. he loves to walk on the cee-ying (ceiling!). he is the best cuddler! pretty much the sweetest 2 year-old out there :) one thing he's not: observant. we joke because he is oblivious to what's going on around him! when he's looking for something, it can be right in front of him, but he CAN NOT see it. it's really entertaining!

brotherly love: bless his heart, he's just a fantastic brother. i worried way too much last fall on how he would handle a new baby. he has just done so well adapting to and loving knox. he is so gentle with him. he loves to go get him up from naps with me. anytime he walks into a room, he goes over to knox and says, "hi, knox!" a lot of times, he follows that with, "i your bwo-wer." he and canon are the best of buddies. i'm so thankful for their age difference. one thing that drives canon batty is when they're playing and ledger just stops, finds his duck and crawls up on the couch. it's like he needs a 3 minute break and then he's ready to play again. the boy knows how to relax!

discipline: it's amazing what a difference 9 months makes. last year, we were really struggling with his defiance and strong will when it came to obeying. he is now the most obedient, tender-hearted boy. it usually only takes a look! when we are talking to him when he's in trouble, he just looks at us with those big 'ol brown eyes and says "ok" every 2 seconds. 
eating habits: ledger's never really not liked eating! he's like his brother in that he will eat just about anything. it's hard to come up with a list of his favorites because he just goes with whatever i give him. he loves fruit, but is not loving blueberries right now. i can't figure it out. his favorite fruit would be blackberries! he loves (original) life cereal. we've bought different kinds here and there and he pretty much throws a fit for life. weird kid! he does a great job with utensils. he loves water and lemonade, but   drinks milk, too, during the day. 

sleeping habits: the boy still loves sleep and needs it. the other day after swimming, we got chick-fil-a for lunch, he was so tired that he stood at the table crying to go to sleep...so i let him. he is becoming more of a morning person. he wakes up pleasant, telling everyone, "good morning!" he wakes up between 7 and 7:30 most days then wakes canon up. he needs a nap, but they have become shorter. he usually lays down from 1:30-3. although we put them in bed at 8, it's usually at least 9 before canon allows him to fall asleep. thankfully, ledger can sleep through most of canon's antics! his beloved duck means everything to him. he must have it to even consider falling asleep! when ledger is sad or sleepy, he still sucks on his tongue. if he has his blankie with him, then he puts that on his mouth while sucking his tongue. it's so sweet, but it's also habit and i have a feeling he will be doing this for quite awhile. 

toileting: i considered potty training him last week, but after a morning of it, it was clear he was not ready. he kept asking for a diaper. i know he would've caught on sooner than later, but we have a few trips coming up, one of which will be 2-15 hour car rides so i made the decision to wait until august! he's occasionally will go on the potty so at least we know he's not afraid.

good habits: ALWAYS saying thank you. being sweet to knox. saying he's sorry. brushing his teeth. 

bad habits: putting his feet on the table while eating. pushing canon's buttons. 

sizes: 2T bottoms, 3T tops, 8 shoes, 5 diapers

so many times a day, we look at you and just comment on how sweet you are! when you grin while sucking on your tongue, my heart melts. you are right in that weird spot where you are on the verge of turning into a little boy (too fast), but you are still a sweet, innocent 2 year old. you bring so much love and joy to our family. i will always be thankful for god's perfect timing in our life when he gave us you.  you are my sweet boy! i love you so much.


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