canon at 4 years...

what is your whole name? canon lane moss
how do you spell your name? c-a-n-o-n
how old are you?
when is your birthday? may twenty-nife
what's your favorite color? all da colors
what's your favorite movie? da puppets (the muppets movie)
what's your favorite animal? i like wions
what's your favorite song? that thing you do
what's your favorite food? my favorite food is ice cream. well, sometimes, all da foods.
who's your favorite superhero? my favorite superhero is bat...all the superheroes
what's your favorite toy? i like games and my drums
who's your best friend? i fink huddie
who are your brothers? knox and gedgie
what do you want to be when you grow up? a firefighter and a drummer and a fireman
what makes you happy? when i make knox laugh
what makes you sad? loud noises
what do you like to play? i like to play games
where do you like to go? i like to go sonic (even though we never go anymore)
what do you like to do with daddy? play wrestle
what do you like to do with mommy? eat snacks
what do you like to do with ledger? i like to pillow fight
what do you like to do with knox? play with him
personality: canon has a big personality and a big heart. he is very much a people person. while he is sometimes shy in the beginning, he loves being around people. he doesn't play well by himself. his famous line is "i want to something with you." if he doesn't like what you suggest, he says, "i want to something nanelse."he is very loyal, loving, confident, helpful, observant, persistent, encouraging, reliable, imaginative, meticulous, task-oriented...pretty much the first child to the tee! he doesn't like to see other people sad or hurting. he is very affectionate and gives the best hugs and kisses! anytime he leaves the house with just lane or i, he makes sure he has said good-bye and hugged each person staying. he loves to laugh and have fun and be silly. he's so much fun to hang out with!

brotherly love: he is such a good brother. while he isn't one to sit and love on each brother for an extended length of time, he is quick to recognize a need that they have and meet it. he is really selfless when it comes to getting duck for ledgie or a passy for knox. he is good to give them a hug out of the blue and then continue playing. he often asks ledger, "gedgie, you like me?" to which ledger replies with a grunt or a yeah. then he says, "you love me?" sweet boy, who feels loved by words of affirmation! canon and ledger play really well together 80% of the time, but, also, know how to push each other's buttons. i'm pretty sure that's how it's supposed to go, though! it just gives us lots of learning times. one of our very favorite things is to listen in on the boys while they're playing or when they're supposed to be going to sleep. their conversations are hilarious and sweet. i'm so thankful they have each other and look forward to watching knox transition into their little group. 

discipline: when needed, this has been a difficult area the past few months, especially at bedtime. he used to receive it so well and had such a tender spirit. lately, he is just about as hard-headed as they come. i'm sure a lot of it has to do with his age...not a toddler, but not a 5 year old! thankfully, the majority of the time, we don't have any problems, but when discipline is needed, there's not one specific thing that works.  it kind of cycles what he responds to so we kind of just adapt as we go. we do make him look at our eyes any time we are speaking to him and he must ask for forgiveness for what he did followed by a hug. it's amazing how kids know the rules. you can see the wheels turning as to what they should do. choices are a big thing right now to. he knows if something is a good or bad choice. example: he was playfully kicking at bedtime one night after he had already told lane he would make wise choices that night. lane asked him not to kick him and he said, "but i want to kick you in the face." to which lane replied, "kicking daddy in the face isn't a wise choice." oh, parenting!

eating habits: thankfully, eating is not an issue. the boy isn't picky and will eat anything i put in front of him. of course, he has his preferences, but if i veto something he wants, he just goes along with it. they know that snacks are healthy and filling and treats are junk :) he is hungry ALL the time. another famous line, "i need a snack (in a super whiny voice)." he eats 3 meals a day (4 if we have 2nd breakfast) with a few snacks thrown in. i can't even name what his "favorite foods" are because he eats such a variety of things. he still wears a bib (control freak mom), uses silverware really well, and eats clean for the most part. he drinks water and milk, primarily. he thinks it's a special day when he gets juice! oh, and, "take x number of bites and you can have a treat" still works!

sleeping habits: we've decided that this boy just doesn't require much sleep. he goes non-stop all day long. he's an early riser at around 7-7:30. he still takes a necessary nap around 1:30. once he falls asleep, he will a 2-3 hour nap. we wake him up most days so bedtime goes a little easier. bedtime is a bit of a struggle. once we do our routine of a story/songs, prayer, kisses and hugs, and the lights go off, he's up to the door quite a bit. he conveniently has to do/get/ask things! it's pretty frustrating. after about 1-1.5 hours, he finally crashes and sleeps HARD!

toileting: he's 100% potty-trained during the day and at naptime. nighttime is a different story. he wakes up maybe a couple times a month dry, but the doctor says not to worry about that right now. 

good habits: asking nicely for things. using his manners. giving hugs and kisses when he is leaving to go somewhere. using the bathroom all by himself. being helpful. 

bad habits: whining when we don't do something right when he wants. disobeying the same rule over and over. not cleaning up fast.

you are a JOY to our family. you add so much love. you love everyone so big! we are so proud of the little boy you are becoming. you are smart and kind and thoughtful and you love jesus! there's nothing you could ever do to make mommy and daddy love you less, sweet boy.


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Jenny said...

I love the interview - so sweet! What a great idea...I am going to start doing that with my boys! Love this!