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this morning, the boys and i headed to the library. specifically to go to story time, but i had also let my card expire (oops!) so i needed to renew it. bless their hearts, they were so good to play with each other yesterday while i pretty much worked on the house all day. i live in this constant tension as a SAHM of keeping up my house and spending precious time with the boys. i feel like i'm always drowning in housework and my efforts never show because of those sweet, messy boys! i know i will SO miss the mess one day, and honestly, it doesn't bother me too much (prob should more...ha!). these guys are at the BEST stage right now. so much fun! anyway, back to our morning :)
they were cracking me up with their "quiet voices". they would start whispering excitedly and before you knew it, they were in outside voice mode! they each got to pick 3 books. canon went in knowing he wanted arthur books after i told him yesterday that those were always my favorite when i was little. ledger wanted a buzz book, but, sadly, we couldn't find any. we didn't have much time to look before story time started so we just grabbed a few randoms. 
i LOVE watching my boys in social situations. their little personalities show so much in these situations! take ledger for example. as miss linda, welcomed us into the room, he instantly started talking to her and answering her questions. canon hung back and i had to prompt him to respond. ledger was all about hand motions in the songs and stories while canon kept telling ledger not to do them. so then they just stood there! thankfully, they both listened really well. they both really enjoyed it so i think it will become a part of are weekly routine. i fully expect canon to jump right in next time. he's definitely more of an observer when he's unsure. we are always looking for fun, FREE, air-conditioned things to do. any new, fun ideas, locals??
we LOVE books at our house. i have always enjoyed reading. i loved going to the library as a kid and from early on, always had my nose in a book! we have added some pretty cool books to our personal library over the past year. i enjoy a fun kid's book as much as my boys! one of my favorite traditions that we started last year was buying the birthday boy a new book that went along somewhat with whatever the theme of the party was. the guests then wrote a special message to him in the front of it. kind of like of big card that keeps on giving! i hope that they continue to love books as much as they do now. a bonus to the morning: i ran into a friend from high school in the library's parking lot! it was random and fun. hi, tabitha :)

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Josh and Maggie said...

I love taking Hannah to the library...we've been going every week for Baby Lap Tme for almost a year! Pretty soon, I'm going to have to transition to Toddler Time...I'm a little sad about that! But, it's a great way to get out of the house!