the end of an era...

my sister's husband has worked for american airlines for the past 2.5 years. one of the perks for working for them is free flights for he and lauren. they have traveled and seen so many places during this time. at least once a month, sometimes twice, they're jet-setting across the country...or to cancun... or getting engaged in napa valley...just for the heck of it! it's been a lot of fun for them!

since lauren moved to dallas after getting married last summer, she has utilized the flights often! it has been so much fun seeing her as often as we do. she usually flies in late one night then goes back home the next afternoon, but there's been a couple of times that she's flown in only for a few hours. she's kind of obsessed with the boys :) they LOVE going to the airport to get aunt lala! 
kyle is taking a new job next week so this past weekend lauren flew in for the last time (at least for free. thank goodness for southwest's cheap flights!). we picked her up at the airport saturday afternoon and met my mom and chloe at the mall. we grabbed dinner in the food court then got to shopping for a few essentials we needed for our upcoming beach trip. after a few hours, the boys and i bid them farewell as they were about to get pedicures. lauren stayed the night with us that night! 
the boys loved seeing her when they woke up the next morning. we headed to church where i was scheduled to teach canon's class. side story: i had all the kids go around and pray and thank god for something. when canon went, he prayed, "thank you, god, that lala at my home, and that we woke up early, and that we ate breakfast, and that we came to see our friends. amen." sweet boy!

after first service, knox and i headed to meet my mom and lauren for breakfast at the always yummy, first watch. it was so much fun just being with them. i love my kids and they are super entertaining, but i rarely get to spend alone time with mom and lauren (we missed you, chloe!). it was fun talking about our trip. we all left pretty excited! we then headed to the mall...again. after awhile, i FINALLY found a swimsuit that made me feel comfortable and is super cute. i despise swim suits! lauren had to be at the airport by 2 that afternoon so we bid her goodbye for her final flight! we are so thankful for all the extra time we've got to spend with kyle and lauren over the past couple of years. see you guys in a few days!
mom, lauren and clo surprised me with a gift certificate to get a pre-beach pedicure, too. i think they are embarrassed to lay out next to me with my nasty heels in the air! tonight, i got to go spend a couple hours alone while getting pampered. it's amazing how refreshed i came back! we had a fun time with the boys before they went to bed. they're so funny! 

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