knox at 7 months...

you are still sweet as can be. actually, THE sweetest! you are the easiest, happiest, smiliest, most content little guy. you love to watch people (especially your big brothers). you LOVE when people talk to you. you flash them your big 'ol gummy smile! you are laughing out loud more and more. your whole body shakes. it's rather cute! you are only fussy when you're hungry. and you lose your patience rather quickly. you make us laugh all the time with your sweet looks and smiles. you "talk" more and more, but still no mama/dada/baba sounds. you think it's a game when we say them over and over.
you are loving play time now that you sit up! your brothers love to bring you your toys (all of them). you will chew on the same toy for forever. still no crawling, but when you're sitting, you lean all the way forward on your arms and look like you will take off. only a matter of time before you actually do!  imitation is a huge part of your play. you like us to do things with our mouths then you repeat it. we are currently working on clapping and waving. you are ok with spending more and more time on your tummy and don't put up too much of a fuss! still enjoying the exersaucer. 
eating has changed quite a bit this month! the day after you turned 6 months, we introduced solids to you. you've tried oatmeal, green beans, peas, avocade, butternut squash and carrots. none of which you are crazy about. you've eaten the squash and oatmeal best. you really disliked carrots, surprisingly! it helps if i mix in some breastmilk. you seem to tolerate whatever for a bit longer. we are going to try sweet potatoes next then move on to the fruit. i have a feeling you will like the next few weeks. we are just taking our time introducing them. you sit on the table in your bumbo and do well. i'm keeping you in that as long as i can before bringing in the big 'ol high chair. you are still nursing 5 times a day and taking a 5-6 oz bottle on top of your bedtime feeding. you are now holding your own bottle, *sniff*. still no teeth. your brothers were late teethers. i'll take your gummy grin for as long as i can have it! you still love your passy. you have now mastered the art of putting it back in your mouth while sleeping (most nights) if it's within reach. spitting up has tapered way off as has drooling. 
not many complaints on the sleeping front. you wake up between 7:30-8 most mornings, nurse, play for about 45min-1hr and then go back down for a nap. you sleep anywhere between 1-2 hours. you then wake up for another feeding, more play, some lunch, play, nurse and then are back down around 1:30. you will take a 2-3hr nap most afternoons. some days around 5:30 you are begging for a nap and some days you are fine until bedtime. you go to bed most nights between 7:30-8. you are so flexible that if we are out and you can't go to sleep, you just go with flow and are fine. if we are home, though, you want to sleep when you're supposed to. the car still puts you out most every time. you have taken to your bedtime lovies hard core this month. you love your green/white stripe, sweater blankie and, dumbledore (named by daddy), your scentsy elephant (whose real name is ollie). you have, also, become a big time side sleeper this month. i love watching you settle in and kick your leg over! i'm still obsessed with getting you out of your crib when i go to bed to cuddle with you. daddy returns you to your bed when he goes to sleep! i could just eat you up.
like any boy, you love to be n@ked. you grin so big when getting your diaper changed. you've become more of a wiggler/reacher this month. you are in size 3's now. you are still exploding most of the time even though things have...um...thickened! 
you enjoy baths. i love watching you splash. you are pretty chill in swimming pools, too (once you become acclimated to the temperature). i have high hopes that you will just love the beach next week!
you are right in the middle of your brothers on growth. you were 17lb5oz and 27" a couple of weeks ago. you are perfect. i feel like you've been wearing the same size clothes for months now (you have!). you can wear 9 or 12 month shorts, 6-9 or 6-12 month tops and one-pieces, and 12 month sleepers. shoes are still pretty big on your tiny feet, but that's ok since it's summer!
man, sweet boy,

i LOVE you SO much! my heart explodes every time i think/look/interact with you. i'm so thankful for god's kindness to us. you are a blessing to your family. *big kiss*


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