knox at 8 months...

**edit: i forgot to mention...how funny are his expressions in the first 2 pics of him sitting up?!

my knoxy, 

happy 8 months, sweet baby! here's what you've been up to...
you have found your voice this month. and you are LOUD! you love to talk to whoever/whatever. you pretty much only say dada, but it's a subtle version. it's more of just gum-flapping! when you are mad, you make a grunting noise that makes your face turn red. we noticed you really talking non-stop during a weekend that your brothers were out of town. it seems to us that you are so busy watching/listening to them, that once that entertainment was gone, you stepped up to the plate. you have the cutest belly laugh. your brothers can really get you going! there's nothing better. you've experienced a little bit of separation anxiety this month. you do fine in the nursery still, but if someone holds out their hands to hold you, you turn your body into mine. you still smile and grin like a fool 95% of the day. you have the sweetest, easy going, but fun personality.
mobility has become your best friend this month and made for so much fun! you want to crawl so bad, but haven't quite figured it out. for about a month now, you walk your hands out and put one knee behind you, then you just chill. or you reach so far that you end up on your tummy. you're a bit of an army crawler. you're a rolling fool! we set you down and turn away for a minute and look back and you're across the room. you have figured out how to sit up from laying down. of all the toys you have, your favorites remain the power cords, diapers and shoes...just like your big brothers when they were little! you've pretty much graduated any toy that keeps you contained! you still love to have something in your mouth at all times. 
you're a little porker. you still nurse 5 times a day, with a bottle at bedtime. you eat 2-3 "meals" a day. you've pretty much tried all the basic fruits and vegetables. you get very excited at meal time. anytime we walk into the kitchen, you immediately drop your passy out of your mouth in hopes you can sneak a bite of something! you aren't crazy about carrots and green beans, but scarf down anything else we give you. a lot of times, i mix oatmeal into your veggies for added iron. you are doing so much better the past few weeks with textures. i'm thankful that we don't have to puree everything so thin now. although, you're gag face was pretty funny! most things we just steam, mash and serve. i LOVE preparing your food. i sold your bumbo and highchair this month for space saving purposes so you sit on the table for mealtime until i get you a hook-on chair. still a passy boy. you finally got your first tooth this month! (you can see it great in the last picture) you had one rough night of sleep and then you woke up with a sharp little sliver of a tooth the next morning. 
you are a pretty good sleeper. you wake between 7:00-7:30, nurse, play and are ready for a nap by 9:00 (1-2 hours), nurse, play, nurse, nap at 1:30 (2-3 hours), nurse, play, get fussy and demand bedtime around 7:00-7:30! you love your green sweater blankie, dumbledore the elephant and passy when you sleep. you still sleep great in your car seat. you went on your first LONG car ride this month to the beach. you were a champ in driving all night. 
you are still in 3's. finishing up a package and then you will be moving on to 4's. your stools have definitely transitioned and you have to work pretty hard for them! you make the cutest poop face. you have a yeast infection right now that we're working on clearing up so you can have surgery on that 'ol belly button. you are such a wiggle worm when it comes time to change you. if you don't have a toy in your hands, it's like wrestling an alligator.
you weighed 18lbs 8oz this past week at your surgery consultation. you are right in the middle of the growth chart, but still have lots of rolls and squishiness to you...perfect. you are still wearing your 9 month and 6-12 month clothes great. this has surprised me quite a bit, but i'm thankful since i haven't had to buy a transitional wardrobe! still haven't worn shoes. i love your little feet.
you have brought so much joy and laughter and love and peace to our family. i LOVE you SOOOO much! i look at you and melt. you are my sweet, sweet baby!


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Heather said...

He is just so cute! Looking more and more like Ledger.