potty training...

i am happy to report that, over the past 2 weeks, ledger has pretty much potty trained himself (always dry at nap. hit and miss during the night). hallelujah!!! you all know how much i have dreaded this. we tried early in the summer and he was clearly not interested. 

a couple of weeks ago, i thought i'd feel him out by letting him stay in a diaper, but taking him potty every hour. he stayed dry the whole day. so the next day (thursday the 9th), we talked up his big boy underwear and he was excited. late that morning, he asked for a diaper and i told him no and that was good enough for him. 

he didn't have an accident of any kind for 3.5 days. talk about answered prayer! he was hit and miss on telling us when he had to go, but i was hovering him so i knew when to send him. the boy can hold his bladder forever! 

we survived a couple of outings and a morning at church. i was so excited. and then right before bed that sunday night, he yelled, "i'm peeing", but he was frozen! over the next couple of days, he did well on the pee front, but had a few #2 accidents. he would say, "i'm pooping!" but by the time he would get to the potty, there would be a present for us. however, he was good about finishing in the potty.

i quickly put together a bag of cheap "special to-oys" (as he called them). man, it's amazing what that boy will do for a surprise and m&m's! he did really well telling us and running fast to the potty. 

overall, he's only had a few #1 accidents (in which he's stopped himself until he gets to the potty) and a handful of #2's. he even did great away from me last weekend when he visited the grandparents in muskogee. 

i'm so excited that we've had a good week and even better last few days. i only remind him to "make sure you run potty when your tummy needs to go" a few times a day. he has become self-sufficient in going on his own. he still says "i'm pooping" as he's running to the bathroom so it sends us into high alert as we chase after him to help him. thankfully, he's made it in time the past few days! 

i'm so thankful that this has been an easy transition! i'm even comfortable taking all the boys out of the house by myself. as long as we have empty water bottles in the van...ha! i also keept a waterproof, flannel pad in his car seat just in case. 

another milestone that reminds me how fast my boys are growing! however, i'm excited about only buying a $10 package of diapers a month vs. the huge $45 box i was buying!

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