change is something i have a hard time with. i really don't care for it. i like routine and comfort. i like predictable days and easy relationships. i do not like awkwardness or being the new girl or feeling vulnerable. i do not like change.

all that to say, our family's lives are about to change. not in a bad way, but still change. even knowing we are taking a step in faith and obedience, the change itself still scares me to my core. we are moving. lane has taken a job in joplin, mo. it is a wonderful opportunity for him and i'm so excited for him to explore some specific gifts god has given him!

you can imagine the emotional pendulum we've been living on the past month. it's such an exciting time, but super sad, too. we are saying good-bye to some of the most loving, generous, wonderful, gracious people on the planet. highland park has been beyond good to us. they have loved us well, and our kids...even better. thankfully, we are moving to a group of people who already know and love us, as well. we are blessed!

here is a formal letter lane wrote to our church family this past week:

Two months ago Christ In Youth approached me about joining their staff as the MOVE Program Administrator at Christ In Youth in Joplin MO. The role calls for me to work with a small team to write the themes for upcoming MOVE events, write the creative elements through which those themes are communicated, as well as to direct those events during the summers. Through MUCH prayer and consultation with kingdom-minded people who love us and love the Lord, it has become clear to us that this is what I was built to do. Two weeks ago I accepted the job. It is certainly an exciting time in our lives as we prepare to embark on a journey to explore and hone some of the gifts that God has given me, but as is so often the case, along with that excitement comes incredible sorrow. Unfortunately, accepting this job means moving to Joplin and away from our family at Highland Park.

This has been the most difficult decision we have ever had to make and was not taken lightly. We have often referred to our time at Highland Park as the greatest 4-½ years of our lives. We know that we are citizens of God’s kingdom, and we are pieces of His story. We count ourselves as truly blessed beyond what any person deserves to have been able to serve alongside the people here at Highland Park. We are more grateful than you can know for the ways that Highland Park has loved us and cared for us over the past few years.

Henri Nouwen says that, "God is a God of the present and He reveals to those who are willing to listen carefully to the moment in which they live the steps they are to take toward the future." This quote is not only applicable because we have felt God speaking to us in this way, but because this willingness to follow God’s leading by listening to Him in the present is a characteristic that marks the leadership of Highland Park. We pray and believe with everything in us that this will be healthy for Highland Park. That God will continue to write His story that was started so long before any of us were even born.

We love each of you so much,
Lane and Kelli

we are so grateful for the encouragement and confirmation that we have received from the staff/leadership/students/friends at HP as well as friends/family in our lives whose wisdom and opinions we value. god has given us such a peace. i needed that. 

our last sunday in tulsa will be october 14th. we are so grateful for the past 4.5 years in tulsa. not only will we miss the people we love, but we will miss the city. it's a great place to live! thankful that it's only 1.5 hours down the road :) we are also really excited to nurture some longtime friendships we have in joplin. 

see? bittersweet, i tell ya!

our house officially went on the market this week. we worked hard for a solid month getting it ready to sell. i didn't have my big boys on weekends for 4 weeks straight! it's already stressing me out thinking of having to keep it constantly clean with 3 little guys who are constantly making messes! please pray that it will sell fast! however, i am completely trusting god on this one as i realize i have no control over it (duh! only took me a few freak outs to get this through my thick head!). 

we are so thankful that lane's nana has graciously invited us into her home to stay until our house sells. can you imagine how much pressure this took off?! so, if you are in the market for a cute, mid-town home, message me and i'll get you the details :)

thanks for loving us and walking beside us though life!


Morgan said...

Kel, I'm so excited for y'all!!! I know you love Joplin and have great friends and memories there. However, I am SO sad I won't be able to see you guys as I drive through Tulsa every year! Pumped for you guys as God takes you on this journey. Love you!

Heather said...

Congratulations to Lane! I just accepted a new job, 16 days before my wedding, so I know the fear of change! You all will love Joplin and I am certain you will settle in easily.

Amy Duncan said...

Those new chapters are always good. I know what you mean about "bittersweet"...I look forward to seeing how God blesses your life through this new journey. I haven't been great about commenting on blogs. I'm getting better now that school has started.

At least you will be close for visitors and for you to go back to Tulsa and you will be close to family. That is one thing I miss, however it's been a blessing to let church family love on us as family.

Congratulations! That is exciting!

Margo Jean Stewart said...

Such an exciting time! Praying your house sells quickly. Much love from the Stewart family!

Kyndal said...

Okay, so I've totally neglected blog-reading since Malone was born, and am gradually trying to play catch-up. I can't believe I missed this HUGE change in your life! So I guess y'all are in Joplin already? I pray that things have gone smoothly with selling your house and making the move. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity, and I'm excited to hear how God blesses you and your boys in the city to which He's called you! Promise to stay caught-up with the Moss family from here on out. :)