unexpected hospital visit...

**i typed this last thursday while we were still in the hospital, but for some reason my blogger app wouldn't let me post it!

Unfortunately, this little guy has been in the hospital for the past 12 hours. After I posted yesterday about his surgery, he laid down for a nap. When he woke up, he was very hoarse sounding when talking, breathing and crying. We rushed around that afternoon to get ready for church and then we had to go pick up our van from the shop. When we got to church, he started sounding pretty bad when breathing at rest. By the time we left at 8:30, he was sucking for air and had a fever. 
We went home and gave him a breathing treatment, hoping that would help. It quieted him some, but he was still struggling more than we were comfortable with, especially since he had just had surgery. So the ER it was. 

When Knox and I got there, we ran into our pediatricians (husband/wife) leaving. They are just wonderful and so personable. She reassured me that we did the right thing by bringing him in and confirmed that he did not sound normal. 

My mom, sister and lane all told me to be super assertive with the ER and let them know that he is struggling to breathe and just had surgery so he could get seen faster. From the front door until we had a room, had seen a doctor and had a chest X-ray, 30 minutes had elapsed. That's gotta be some kind of ER record!

They then gave him an oral steroid and a steroid breathing tx (which he wasn't thrilled about, but soon after crashed HARD). The doctor was pretty sure that it wasn't a lung issue, but a swollen, inflamed upper airway due to the intubation tube. We waited to see how he responded. Unfortunately, he didn't respond like they had hoped so we were given a ticket for an overnight stay at children's. 
We got to our room around 12:30am. By the time they admitted him, we saw 2 doctors and got settled, it was 2:30. He finally fell asleep in the crib and I was able to doze in and out until 7 when the morning resident came by. Knox wasn't too happy at being abruptly woken up! They think he's on the mend. He sounds TONS better compared to last night. He's still a little hoarse and has a yucky cough, but should be able to go home is afternoon. 

Imagine my excitement when I found out that because I breast feed, I get free meal trays! I LOVE me some hospital food. Here, they give you a full menu and you just order whatever you want. The smallest things make this food-loving girl happy!
little man likes the food, too!
Now we're just waiting for the main doctor to come by and *hopefully* give us the all clear. My sweet boy has been napping pretty much the whole morning. He did wake up for some applesauce, a sponge bath and to FaceTime with his daddy and brothers. I'm enjoying his sweet cuddles and one-on-one time with my littlest love! Thanks for praying for him :)


we were able to go home around 2:30 that afternoon. the next morning (after a rough night of not much sleep...still trying to get back on schedule!), he sounded bad again. it really scared me, especially being on a friday, so i called the pediatrician and they were able to squeeze us in right away. lane came home to stay with the boys while i took him. 

our doctor just walked into the room and said that his croup was some of the worst she'd heard. she sent over to the children's day unit to repeat the treatments he received in the er and to be observed for the afternoon. 

lane and levi were both leaving that afternoon for a weekend jr. high retreat so eden and the girls had already planned to stay with us friday night. she was able to come right up and stay with my big boys until we got released from the hospital. knox responded well and we were released around 4.

i was amazed at the change 9 months can make!
we were so excited about our sleepover! it did my soul so much good to spend an extended amount of time with eden. and, of course, the boys were beyond excited to play with nora and cordie. canon was even more excited that nora got to sleep in his room. so excited, that after 45 minutes of him not obeying, he was moved to my bed for the night!

saturday morning, we had donuts and then headed to the mall to play. after lunch and a little browsing, we went our separate ways and headed home for naps. it was such a fun 24 hours!

cordie and knox were there, too :)

knox has slowly gotten better each day. he's still not 100%, but is still happy for the most part. poor boy, the surgery and the croup just wiped him out. now to get him to sleep through the night again. oy.

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