knox's surgery...

yesterday was knox's much anticipated surgery! we had first visited the surgeon when he was only 6 weeks old. he had said to come back when he was 20 lbs or 6 months old. we wanted to wait until after we had gone to the beach to do it so we didn't have to worry about keeping the incision clean and free of sand. when we had his consult appointment last month, he had a nasty yeast infection (from the beach) that we had to get rid of before the surgeon would touch him. 

last friday, he had his post-op appointment. of course, the very next day, he woke up with a nasty cold...sneezes, runny nose, cough, and watery eyes. (side story: last wednesday, i commented to lane that our kids hadn't been sick in months. thursday, canon woke up with the stomach bug and knox, ledge and i currently have colds.) i was worried all weekend that it would get worse and we'd have to cancel his surgery. monday morning, when i called for the surgery time, i mentioned it to the nurse and she had me take him to our pedi to get cleared for surgery. i'm so thankful for an office that has ALWAYS gotten my kids in the same day. he checked out fine. ears, throat, and chest were all clear. she said as long as he didn't develop a fever, he'd be fine. 

tuesday morning, we had to be at the hospital at 5:30. thankfully, my dad is a super early bird and came over to stay with the big boys. they took him back to his pre-op room almost immediately. 

one last shot of the old belly button!
for not having eaten and being woken up a few hours earlier than his normal wake time, he was in a super happy mood. he had smiles for everyone. 
then the waiting started and he got increasingly fussy and restless. his surgery time was set for 7, but of course, the doctor didn't get there until 7:20.
taking turns keeping this cutie calm.
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a few minutes before they came to get him, they gave him the loopy juice. he almost immediately went from fussy to deliriously happy. it was SO entertaining! he also was so floppy and couldn't control his head or limbs. 

the surgery lasted a little over an hour. lane and i hung out in a little pediatric waiting room by ourselves. he quizzed me on vocab words from some app. bless my heart. not so good with words! a little after 9, the doctor came in. he walked over to a seat (without saying anything), got up, walked back over to shut the door, and went to sit back down. keep in mind that he hasn't said anything and has a very solemn expression. our stomachs' dropped and hearts' stopped. he very quietly and expressionless said, "the surgery went well." he had us believing the worst for a few seconds!

we were able to go back to the recovery room after a few more minutes. when the nurse was handing him off to us, lane nearly knocked me out of the way trying to get him! it's so sad to my baby hooked up to so many wires and in obvious discomfort. 
after about 30 minutes, he was able to go back to his pre-op room, where we stayed for an hour before heading home. 
we've yet to see the finished product. it has to stay bandaged until tomorrow. he literally slept the entire day. i had to wake him up 3 times for feedings. within a few minutes of eating, he would pass out again. it was like having a newborn again! when he was awake, he just wanted me to hold him. i happily obliged :)

knox says "hi" (watching him wave is so funny)!
he woke up several times through the night due to his stuffy nose, but seems to be doing really well today. he's not as sleepy and not fussy at all. i figured his stomach would be pretty sore since they messed with his muscles, but he's getting around great. the doctor didn't give him any activity restrictions so he's just crawling around getting into stuff! we are all about to take a killer nap *fingers crossed*. these colds are kicking our hinies!

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Amy Duncan said...

I'm sure you were ready to knock that doctor out. Never leave a mama hanging and waiting...silly man! Glad everything went well. What a cute video! He's so happy!! Lol