a ball of energy...

this pretty much describes me to a tee right now. since our house went on the market 2 weeks ago, i have been unable to relax. i feel like i have to constantly be cleaning/tidying/hovering. it's exhausting. this weekend i have had a bad case of mastitis and now have a cold. it hit me last night that i've been running my body into the ground for a month so it's no wonder that i'm sick. 

on top of the physical tiredness, mentally, i've lost it! i'm not even kidding, i've crossed over to the other side. this morning, i had a big 'ol emotional breakdown, complete with ugly cry. example...while ironing this morning, i started smelling something that smelled cotton candy-ish. lane even asked what it was. 2 hours later, when i was resuming my ironing and the smell came back, it dawned on me that i had poured sprite into the iron earlier instead of water. geez. i then spent the next hour filling it with vinegar and water over and over and then steaming it out until it ran clear. 

a couple of other things to add to my monday...canon dumped lane's contacts out in the toilet this morning and the boys knocked a vase of flowers off of the table onto the floor. by the grace of god and for the boys own good, it didn't break! it's funny how most days things go smoothly, but everyone once in awhile, you're thrown a curve ball where nothing goes as it should :) so thankful for nap time today so mommy can have a time out!

and, yes, good things have occurred today, too, that i'm thankful for...a sweet morning with lane who was gone all weekend, the insurance company covering a couple claims that they had initially denied, a fun game of hullabaloo with my boys, a cup of coffee and sweet snuggles from a feverish baby. thank you, god, for my blessings :)

and now for a house update...
we had our first showing last tuesday (1 week after listing). we were bummed the first week by not having any showings. last monday night, we cleaned the house real good just because it had been a week. not 10 minutes after sitting down, the phone rang and it was a realtor wanting to make an appointment!

 initially, the realtor said they loved the house, but the buyer was pretty ridiculous in that her offer would come in WAY under the asking price and then she wouldn't budge. he said she had 3 other offers currently on other houses and to expect her to make one on ours, but likely wouldn't buy it. bummer. she did, in fact, make an offer to which we countered. she then shocked all involved by countering back. we then gave her the best offer we can afford to do, but haven't heard back one way or the other. 

this past friday morning, we got a call from another realtor saying there was a young couple with a baby who knew there was an offer on the house, but still wanted to come look. we cleaned and got it in tip-top shape all afternoon. that's when my mastitis was hitting me hard. we had to be out of the house from 4-5. by that point, i was miserable with fever and aches. my sister, kyle and tyler were with us so we went up to the youth building at church to kill time. it was so cold in there to me that i ended up sitting in the van with the heater on. 

when we got the all clear and headed home, our realtor called and told us that she had just talked to the other realtor and the couple had said they weren't interested and were moving on. i was beyond bummed after working all afternoon and feeling awful. but at least we knew and could accept it. 

the next day the other realtor sent her feedback email back saying the couple LOVED our house, but were leery of our "surrounding neighborhood." honestly, i can't blame them on first impressions. we live on one of the less aesthetically pleasing streets of the neighborhood!

saturday the boys and i headed to my mom's house while lane was out of town. can i just say that i am never to old to want my mom to take care of me when i'm sick? thankful for her watching after me and the boys! imagine my surprise when lane called sunday afternoon right as we were all laying down for naps saying that the couple who looked on friday wanted to come back for a second showing at 3:30. eeek. i grabbed all my sleepy babies, our bag and we high-tailed it to tulsa. i ran around like a crazy woman for 30 minutes doing last-minute things to the house before we had to get out of there. thankfully, we left it picked up and clean before we left town saturday. 

turns out they were going to look at their top 3 favorite houses once more...along with the girl's mom. the boys and i got slushes and drove around the neighborhood. they did not understand why we just couldn't go home! 

we got a little feedback last night. our house is the girl's favorite and after the second showing, became the guy's. the realtor's gut instinct was that they would make an offer on their second favorite though because of location. it all boils down to the girl's cousin saying that the QT closet to us get robbed "all the time." it doesn't. especially, not any more than any other QT in tulsa! the kicker is that the other house is in a way sketchier area. i want to ask this girl if she watches the news at all! it's also pricier than ours. the realtor did say that they had an intense discussion about painting. the husband says he will not be painting anything. they both agree that ours is mov-in ready that won't require any paint, but the wife says the other house needs lots of painting! who knows. we haven't heard anything today :(

that's about it. do you want to buy our house?! haha

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