knox at 9 months & recent appointments...

this is very belated, but i took the pictures the day before he turned 9 months so i want to post them and an abbreviated version of what he was up to! this has obviously been a cuh-razy month and a half.

still my happy-go-lucky, easy baby! you are a mama's boy, but have your moments where you prefer to cuddle up with daddy. you adore watching your brothers! you are a flirt when people talk to you. you usually grin at them big and put your head on my shoulder. if someone reaches for you, you turn your body into mine. you learned to wave this past month. so funny to watch your uncoordinated movements! you watch your hand while you wave. 

crawling has become your most favorite activity. you were so proud when you figured it out. at first, you would just crawl forward a few feet, but the day after your surgery (the 12th), it clicked and you were on the go. with crawling has come exploring. you love to just crawl around, check something out for a minute, then move on to the next thing. you are also pulling up to your knees. i caught you once standing up in the crib.  i LOVE watching you learn. some of your favorite toys/things/activities are ANYTHING you can put in your mouth, emptying the diaper and book baskets, trying to empty the dishwasher while i load it, chewing on cords or shoes, swiping whatever your brothers have. i think it's safe to say you are into everything.

you like to eat. you still nurse 5 times a day with a bottle at bedtime. you are loving table foods! you still get pureed food occasionally, but also love trying "big people" food. some of your favorites are mashed banana and avocados, steamed veggies and fruit, bread, yogurt, cheese stick or anything off our plates. just about anything we give you, you eat!

you sleep 12 hours each night. you go to be bed between 7-7:30 and wake up between 6:45 and 7...like clockwork. after being sick in the hospital, it took a few nights to get back on track. you take a morning nap (1.5hr) and an afternoon nap (2-3hr). you sleep great in your carseat. you still love your blankie, elephant and passy.

you weighed 18lb 3 oz (12th %ile), 27 3/4" (50th %ile), and your head is still in the 90th %ile!! when you got sick after surgery, you lost about a pound so i imagine you're in a little higher %ile now. you wear a size 4 diaper. you are wearing 6-12 month outfits and size 1 shoes.

you also had surgery for the first time and then the very next night stayed overnight in the hospital for croup. we went on a girls' trip to dallas. you got your second tooth. we put our house on the market. 
sweet ollie, 

we love you so much! even more than last month. you make us smile and laugh daily. i LOVE your sweet spirit. i'm so thankful god chose us to be your family! 


{recent appointments}
2 weeks after knox's surgery he had a post-op appointment. the doctor was pleased with his healing. he said as the inflammation went down, the belly button itself would continue to reduce. you can also still feel the stitches. he said it can take up to 3 months for those to dissolve. he released knox from his services. we were pleased with him. we've been blessed with really good doctors here in tulsa.

before and after (almost 2 weeks post-op) 
Photobucket Photobucket
the next day knox had his 9  month appointment. so crazy that he's been on the outside as long as he was on the inside. such a great 9 months! he checked out just fine!
this is our beloved pediatrician, dr. sood. seriously, the best. they were waving good-bye.
we ended up making a stop by the target dollar stop on the way home. when they offered flu shots for all the boys, i decided that that would save us a trip later for the big guys. unfortunately, i hadn't prepared them for a shot. there were LOTS of tears from these 2, but they were brave and i felt terrible for springing a shot on them. of all the stuff they could've chosen, their chooses were very them...a picture find book for ledge and a puzzle for canon. funny how a $1 item can be so fun!

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