knox at 10 months...

i'm getting just plain awful at getting these up on time. on october 19th (2.5 weeks ago!), knox turned 10 months. here's what i can remember from that month. we updated my phone last night (finally) and i lost my running list i kept :( and these pictures crack me up. he wasn't feeling a photo shoot after his nap. he was not happy when i took his passy away, but i quickly replaced it with a comb and he was happy as a lark! we also played a fun game of him throwing dumbledore the elephant down again and again. he liked ledger and i's big reactions!
you are still a sweetheart and smile your big 'ol wide mouth smile at anyone! i've decided i will miss that as you get older. you have had a little more separation anxiety this month. you like your mama! you've also figured out that nana is a sucker for you and will pick you up right away if you make a fuss. you're a stink pot! 
you LOVE to play! if anyone's laying on the floor, you crawl (fast) to them and climb on them, all the while laughing. you are good at entertaining yourself since you're still exploring new things. you figured out the stairs here at nana's house and are quite proud of yourself when you sneak away and can get up them before we catch you! you are cruising tables and furniture like a pro. 
you are very into eating...whatever! you are a very impatient, vocal eater. we have tried for months now to get you to sign please and more, but you are stubborn and choose to just keep hollering! nana has been amazed at how much food you can put away. you are still nursing 4 times a day and taking a bottle at bedtime. you are working on the sippy cup. i just give you water in it and you could care less about it so you don't get much practice. 
you are still my good, little sleeper. you go down about 7:30pm and wake up between 7 & 7:30am. you take a 2 hour nap in the morning when we are at home, but are flexible if we are out and about. you also take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. you HAVE to have your passy when sleeping. that'll be fun to break that habit!
you weighed 19lb 5oz last week. you wear 6-12 month clothes. you started wearing shoes this month and they are size 1's & 2's. you wear a size 4 diaper. your hair has grown and lightened so much this month! you still just have the 2 teeth without any that we can see on the surface. 
you had another overnight hospital stay due to an infected belly button. you had your first ear infection.  we moved to joplin. 
...and at this point he was over it and wanted out of his bed!


you are my little lovebug. i LOVE spending my days with you. we feel so blessed to call you ours! thanks for making us laugh lots and love bigger :)


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