a night in little rock...

this weekend we got to go to little rock to see my family. lane had taken off on friday so we left that morning. my word it takes forever to travel a few hours with my little family! we stopped for a late lunch at chickfila outside of little rock with my cousin, morgan. it's kind of become our tradition when passing through!

we then pulled up to mamie and papa john's house around 4. the boys were so glad to be out of the car. it was wonderful seeing them! it had been about 6 months. at 5, we all met my mom's siblings at one of my favs, dixie cafe, for dinner. we then headed back to mamie's to play for a bit before saying goodnight and heading over to mimi's house.
my mimi had been in the hospital for a couple of weeks and had just been released that day. we were so thankful that we got to see her longer than a hospital visit. my aunt ,susan, was also there that evening and we got a good visit in with her. 
around midnight, mr. knox got sick a couple of times and ended up spending his first night ever at camp hurlton with his daddy. watching a baby get sick may be one of the most pitiful things ever. the next morning, we were walking out of the door to go eat breakfast when knox got sick all over he and lane. we knew then that it was a stomach bug. we had planned on going to my cousin, karrie's little girls first birthday that afternoon. lilly kate and knox are only 9 days apart. we knew that was out of the question now(canon had also started coughing the night before) so we made the decision to just head back to joplin before anyone else got the stomach bug. we hated missing the party and a brunch the next morning, but we'd hate to share our germs. before we left, my mimi shared some of her phenergan gel. that made for a puke-free car ride! he was snoring hard!
we got back to joplin just in time. knox has thrown up every few hours since, but this has been his longest stretch so far. he's also keeping down pedialyte so hopefully he's on the upswing. canon started running fever last night and has had about 101-102 all day. he still has "the coughs" as he refers to them! breathing treatments for him. our family has been sick for over a month now. we are ready for a healthy family! 

little rock, we are thankful that we got to hug the necks of the ones we did, but hate that we didn't get to see everyone and had to cut our time short. we promise to come back soon when everyone is well! love to you all :)

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