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canon was in speech up until the move. there's actually a sister site here in town, but we haven't seen about getting in just yet. his speech teacher recommended he continue on mainly to work on using correct grammar and pre-reading stuff. as far as his speech sounds, he's finally mastered those. it's so fun to hear his ever-expanding vocabulary. he always surprises us when he throws a new, "big" word in and uses it in the right context! he talks NON-STOP. like i'm not even joking! crazy to think how far he's come in the past 2 years. 

here's some fun things i've had on a running list on my phone. i'm terrible about writing down the funny stories/conversations we have...

"oh, yeah, right." it looks like this should sound smart alec, but it's not! he just says it all the time when we tell him an answer to a question he's asked. 

he calls a trampoline a "jumpoline". he also calls tic-tac-toe "tatoo".

we heard "i have the coughs" (in the most pathetic voice his little body could muster) tons over the past week. 

one day at naptime (when he was still taking them), he would NOT fall asleep. he was just singing/talking so loudly (and we shared a wall). i went in a couple of times and as soon as i had shut the door, he was back at it! i went in the third time and said, "canon, stop singing so loud!" he quickly and with such sincerity said, "i not singing loud. i praying loud." :)

everything is "i reawwy..."

one night while lane was praying with the boys, he was thanking god for specific things that each boy liked to do.  canon waited until he was finished and then told lane, "dad, you didn't thank god i like to throw rocks."

proof of canon's first child, type-a personality..."ok, here's the deal (or plan)." 

me: "i really like you canon lane." canon: "my name isn't canon lane. it's canon lane moss." me: "oh, i really like you canon lane moss." canon: "well, you can call me lane."

one of our pet peeves.."say yeah." 

canon: "can we please go somewhere special?" me: well, we're going to the park later." canon: "that's not special." me: "it's not?" canon: "no, that's just fun!"

after giving up naps long ago and carrying on for 15 minutes, canon said through tears, "please let me take a nap!" #mywishisyourcommand

 i guess 4 years old is the official age where kids start asking "how much longer?" EVERY 2 minutes on a road trip. oy.

working on school with canon. in the past minute, "you bet" & "ok. i gotcha" have come out of his mouth.

my kids colored on my mom's wood floor. while disciplining C, he said, "i not going to cry!"  

ledger's never been in speech, but could probably use some! all of canon's old bad habits, ledger picked up. he backs like crazy and drops the first consonant sound a lot of the time. we work with him like we did canon and hope that it eventually clicks for him like it did for canon. i'll look into getting him evaluated after christmas. ledger still has such a soft, sweet voice. it takes people by surprise! 

ledger: "that's wucky!"(in reference to a whoopsie cushion) me: "ledger, say y-y-yucky." yedger: "y-y-wucky."

when something doesn't go as planned, he says, "oh, well." like he's trying to reassure himself!

he starts a lot of sentences of by getting everyone's attention, "guys, so..."
Both-we'll see/almost

at the most random times, he says, "mom? i wiwwy wike you" or "i always wuv you, mom." #sweetboyaward

this isn't anything he says, but he walks around with his hands in his pockets ALL the time!

instead of saying "the end", he says "amen." i hope this never changes!

ledger is famous for saying, "doop hug!" when 3 or more are gathered.

me: "what's that on your face?" ledger: "i don't know. probabee a booger."

ledger: *pointing to pizza hut* "dat's where pizza live!"

ledger: "it not a bird. it not a plane. it tacain amerita!!!" and he knows that superman really says this.

knox was sitting in his crib while i was putting laundry away one day and ledger came in the room. ledger: "knox want his toy on (a sound/light rainforest thing). him want to watch a movie. you gonna watch a movie, knoxie?" 

in reference to a short amount of time, "i will be done in no time" or "in no time it will be your turn."

ledger was in a really sweet mood when he came up to me and said, "you know who REALLY wuvs you? jesus."

ledger (sitting next to knox): "oh man. this boy is poo-py!" he wasn't.

as the whole house was sick in one form or the other, i asked out loud, "what should we have for dinner?" ledger: "pizza. or quesadillas..." clearly, his tummy wasn't hurting!

and our favorite thing ledger says, "i am a big bo-oy" or "i wike to play with to-oys." cutest thing. 

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anxiously hopeful said...

I'm so glad that you are writing this all down. Yesterday, Hope insisted that we go through all 6,000 pictures on iphoto and watch the video clips. I was shocked at how much Shurabe's speech has changed and I'm so glad that we have it documented.