january thus far...

we've had a pretty low-key january so far, complete with a couple of cousin sleepovers, a birthday party, a few outings, a stomach bug, dinner with friends and lots of playtime and days spent in our jammies :)

once we were back from our christmas break, it was fun to get all the boys' new toys out!
 just like his big brothers, wrestling is one of his favorite activities!
 not much cuter than a jammied up, little monster!
i think i mentioned the other day that my 2 favorite baby items are jammies and sippy cups. imagine how excited i was when i found knox's favorite kind of cup now came in ORANGE HOUNDSTOOTH!!
last weekend, ella and hudson (along with their mom and dad) came for an impromptu sleepover! it was so last minute that it made it super exciting!! after the kids went to bed, logan, aanna and jay came over. we burned the midnight oil until 4am! i don't know when the last time i willingly stayed up that late was. it was a lot of fun though. of course, our kids were up by 8 :)
wal-mart sells a bag of perfectly, cubed butternut squash. knox and i both LOVE them (for different reasons!). it's so easy to just steam a serving at a time. knox is pretty serious when it comes to eating! now if he'd just quit getting the stomach bug so all the food he eats has a chance to stick on his bones!
on sunday, we went to church. lane and i attended the church's new-comer class. we are really excited about planting and serving and connecting with others. the class was during first service so we were there a total of 3.5 hours. surprisingly, knox made it in the nursery the entire time!! i don't know when the last time was that he did that. the boys love going to their classes as well. 

we took this picture afterwards because my sister wanted to see my outfit AND a picture of the boys. i had been harassing her about how i should wear this dress (i loved the orange, but didn't think about anything past that) and the boots (i've never owned a pair, but wanted some for christmas. i've always been hesitant because of my chicken, bow legs! i went to dillards a few days after christmas and all their boots were 40% off. of course, the pair i liked, they only had a floor sample in my size. i asked for an additional discount and ended up scoring them for a total of 50% off. thank you, grandmas, for my christmas money!) for a good day at this point. i have no fashion sense so i usually consult both of my sisters if i'm unsure! my little guys were handsome as ever. 
 seriously, dress-up is the boys MOST FAVORITE thing to play. there's pretty much always some kind of hero or villain running around. i LOVE being a mom to these little boys!
i guess this is a fun game?! because the dumping game always stresses me out! however, it entertained them for about 45 minutes while they put them all back together.
this boy is serious about his bananas. it still surprises me that he can put a whole banana away in a matter of a few minutes. we have to limit him to one a day. otherwise, he'd eat them all day long!
my kids have ridiculously long eyelashes just like their daddy. canon's are dark and curl up. 
 ledger's are dark and grow straight out. 
 i'm pretty late to this trend, but have become obsessed with it!
 my sweet baby is changing into a little boy right before my eyes. 
 yesterday, nora brought her "rainbow dash" birthday party to joplin!
we were super excited to celebrate with her and our japan cousins, rowen and leland. the boys had a blast. again, after kids went to bed, we got to hang out with some of our very favorite people. the boys were excited that cordie and nora were staying the night. they logged some serious playtime this morning!
 a super sweet moment. 
today, has been the best. i got to sleep until 10. it's cold and rainy and dreary. there's a chance of snow tonight. we've played. it's take out night. i'm still in my pj's :) nana has been gone this week to arizona to see her sister. she comes home tomorrow! we've missed her and our little routine. we're still so thankful that she has allowed us to stay with her. i don't know what we would've done! we had a showing a week ago, but never heard anything back. this process is so frustrating, but i just have to remember to be thankful when i start to worry. god has been so faithful to us! also, today is lane's youngest brother's birthday...happy birthday, pickle!!

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Amy Duncan said...

I love your outfit and I don't think you have chicken legs! You look great! Much better than I did after birthing boys! I'm working on it though and I have an orange dress...are those navy tights? I think I may be inspired to wear something like this to church tomorrow.