we've had one of those days where we don't have much going on, but we haven't stopped. this morning, knox joined in on his big brothers' favorite game. i just don't understand the fun. sigh. at least he's darn cute! 
after breakfast, we headed to walmart. we were freakishly fast today. may have have something to do with how cold it was! brrr! nothing like getting kids in and out of the van in the frigid cold :)
like last week, we decided to join in on some cookie-making fun via a blog link-up! thanks, meredith, for hosting! 

today, we made cake batter chocolate chip cookies! i've only recently discovered the wonderful world of pinterest. i would use it to search for specific things here and there, but i burned quite a few hours this weekend doing some serious browsing. when i came across this recipe, i thought they looked fun and yummy! 
    ledger's face in these 2 pics cracked me up! 
 this week, ledger refused most of his turns because he was holding out to pour the sprinkles in!
don't you just want to sit down with a spoon and this bowl?! the batter smelled heavenly!
again, happy campers!!
this definitely is the prettiest cookie i've ever made. i ruined a few batches a few years ago and since then, making cookies has intimidated me! overall, they were good. i used the yellow cake mix that the recipe called for, but i think a white cake mix would be better. i also didn't use the white chocolate chips that she did. today, we shared with our little cousins in town. we got to play with coco, owen and harper at lunchtime today and sent some home with them! we still have quite a few so they will probably go with lane to work tomorrow :)
in other news, when i came upstairs to make dinner this afternoon, i discovered the freezer/fridge were warm. i stuck everything on the back porch at the time (it was 27* out) not thinking that we have a refrigerator downstairs. i like to make things difficult! poor nana, she had to buy a stove last month and now a fridge this week. oh, life! 
knox really isn't showing any interest in walking these days. we did pull both of his walkers out so there more accessible to him. he usually pulls right up and takes off, but tonight, he kept walking on his knees. it was so funny seeing his little body speed across the floor on his knees! i'm in no hurry for him to be even more mobile :)


Rachel Easley said...

I have seen a few recipes for those cookies but have never tried them. They look good!! Thanks for stopping by to check my cookies out too! And you have adorable boys...I can't imagine 3! Whew!!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Those cookies look amazing! So pretty and delicious looking. My cookies did not work out yesterday! Oops. Maybe next week.