tuesday: canon had his new patient appointment that morning. why i scheduled a 9am appointment with 3 little boys i have no idea!! lane and nana were rock stars in helping get us out the door on time. we still really like our pediatrician. canon checked out well and is still hanging on the growth chart at 3rd percentile. i felt like the dr really felt a connection with canon due to his size. he's a small man and told me lots of stories about his experiences as the small guy! 
after supper, the boys asked for suckers. of course, lane had to have one too! out of nowhere, knox swiped lane's sucker. he loved it and was super serious about it :)

wednesday: nana ordered a new fridge to be delivered on monday. our cousins (lane's cousins kids) came to play...7 in all, plus our 3! the boys asked ALL day if it was 4 yet. i had a migraine. nana made a yummy supper. we went to bed early.
owen, harper, rowen and canon. this hot wheels track has been a hit with all kids!
more suckers after dinner. it's the new routine. knox is an old pro now. 
while knox was eating his sucker, ledger said,"come look at knox's huge belly! oh my DOSH!!"
thursday: for a whole week, we had to bring everything we would need for a meal upstairs 3x a day. it got old fast and made us appreciate the convenience of a working refrigerator! we went to the epperson's for dinner, along with the crisp's. it was nice to have a night off from cooking and get to hang out with fun people. and their fajitas were amazing!!
i couldn't resist any longer dressing the boys in their too cute valentine pj's! only their daddy can get them laughing this hard :)
friday: it was finally "warm" enough to play outside. it was still really cold and the guys didn't last more than 15 minutes! as they were coming in, lane came home for lunch. ledger, lane and i had taco bell. canon requested his awesome dinosaur chicken nuggets. we LOVE when daddy comes home for lunch. 
this little stinker didn't take a nap. good thing he's cute. 
he is getting more ornery by the day. still really easy going and pleasant, but gets into trouble faster than any of my guys. i guess i was pushing my luck with the other guys! in this picture, it was only a matter of a few seconds that he went from looking at his book to climbing! oy.
one day (sooner than i'm ok with) he won't want to take this off. 
saturday: it was in the mid-50's so we decided to head to the park. once there, we quickly determined that 55 on a hill in the wind is much colder than it sounds! after some playtime and lots of complaining on my part, we went to lunch :)
that evening, we went to a dinner that our church puts on for newcomers. it was WAY out in the country at a really nice home. we had a yummy dutch oven meal and enjoyed visiting! on the way back in to town, we stopped at a neat ice cream shop (that we had been wanting to try) to meet up with some of our youth group girls. 2 of them go to college here and the other 2 drove up for the weekend. it was GREAT catching up! did our hearts good! it's so hard to believe that we've only been gone from tulsa for 3 months. seems like FOREVER ago. we are going back to HP this sunday to visit and are super excited to see everyone!
this little friend has taken a serious liking to woody!
sunday: we placed our membership at college heights! we are so excited about planting and getting involved. mr. knox has had nursery issues ever since we moved. after not getting called out last week, i had high hopes that we had maybe turned a corner. nope. 5 minutes into the message, i got a call to see if i could come try to rock him to sleep. he wasn't having it so i just took him out. i got another 5ish minutes worth of the message before retreating to the foyer. he'd rather eat smarties and mum-mums i suppose. one day, he'll be excited to go to his class!  
that night, we said good-bye to lane for the week :( the boys got some serious playtime in before we picked lala up from the airport and then dropped daddy off. these pictures make me smile so big. lane is a phenomenal dad! the boys ADORE him. i hope they always appreciate him. 
in this picture, he was showing them on the map where he was flying to. 
that's a wrap!

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