our new pediatrician...

it's no secret how much i {obsessively} LOVED our last pediatricians. i've missed them so much over the past sickly 1.5 months we've had. right after me moved to joplin, i started asking around about pediatricians. after reading about the practice of the one i wanted to use, i was ready to call and get the ball rolling. big fat bummer, they weren't taking new patients until spring. 

we then left town for a few weeks and frequented the urgent cares when needed. i was in no hurry to replace our beloved soods. i had decided that after the holidays, it would be time to commit and get my 2 youngest in for well-child check-ups. so monday, i called my original choice again just to see if anything had changed. it hadn't so i turned to google. i randomly chose one after reading about their doctors and seeing that they were set to move into a new building in april. nice, clean offices are important to me. 
yesterday was knox and ledger's turn for new patient/well-child check-ups (canon will go next week). i was SO nervous about going! it's a pretty big deal in my books. when we walked in, it was a dark, kind of gross, weirdly laid out office. the office staff was nice enough. while filling out paperwork in the waiting room, i was underimpressed. i also didn't like the fact that they had toys (germ magnets) in the waiting room. i like the idea of tv's playing movies. where everyone's hand are kept nicely to themselves! i did like the fact that they had both a sick and well waiting area. a big plus to me.

and then the nurse came to get us. i know it sounds like i'm being critical. these were just my initial thoughts. it only got better from here! she was SUPER kind and efficient. she did well with all my boys and just had a sweet countenance. another plus! then the doctor came in. we were randomly put with him since he had an opening. he's an older man that i felt like was the perfect blend of old and new medicine. i don't feel like he will take unnecessary measures, but won't sit back and let real problems slip by. cautiously proactive, maybe?! (unlike our very first, passive doctor) he asked great questions and gave really practical, reassuring advice. he was great with the kids. he was nerdy, but had a sense of humor, too. he spent an ENTIRE hour with us! by the time we were done, i felt such a peace about this random find. i can do nasty office for 3 months knowing their moving into a state-of-the-art new building! 

ollie had done so well yesterday not having thrown up since 5pm on tuesday evening. he was tired, but not getting sick. i thought surely the bug had run its course. we had friends over for dinner last night and while talking afterwards, he lost his tiny pureed dinner that he had had. boo. such a set back, but he hasn't been sick since. just lots of sleeping. his bug usually lasts about 36 hours. i was reassured by the fact that his ears were FINALLY clear after 2.5 weeks of meds. hopefully, this is the last of the ongoing sickies for my baby! i hate seeing him not being his happy self. the 3 stomach bugs in one month have made him lose 2.5lbs. he went from 20lbs to 17lbs10oz...falling off the growth chart. when you only weigh 20lbs, losing over 10% of your body weight is significant. i'm looking forward to fattening this kid back up when his appetite comes bacK!

this sweet picture of my guys was from tuesday night while we laid low with knox. they were watching iron man. 
we had a fun mail day yesterday! my favorite baby things are jammies and sippie cups. lucky for me, knox was in desperate need for jammies...like holes in the toes of several pairs. hand me downs can only hold up so long! he got 3 pairs for chrsitmas and then with some of his birthday money, i ordered him his last 4 pairs. i like to have a week's worth since i only do their laundry once a week. gap's were on sale with an additional 30% off! score. the big boys also got a pair of the valentine pirate!

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