walmart baffles me...

i despise weekly trips to walmart. because of our pay schedule, i have to go weekly. i also choose to go there since i have to go once a week and i want to make (the cheapest) one stop for everything we need. since i go during the day, i have my little helpers with me. the least amount of getting in and out of the car the better! 

i do plan on trying aldi's soon, though. nana shops there religiously so i've had the chance to try a bunch of their products and much to my surprise, they're really good (especially their ranch...better than hidden valley). she also brags about how much she saves there. it's crazy! and i'd be crazy not to go take advantage of the savings!

so back to the point of the post. last week, i left walmart spending 30-40% more than i usually do (there were 2 rechargeable battery sets in my cart to help up the price) and feeling like i hadn't bought anything really (only 2 real meals and some randoms). today, i spent my budgeted amount and came out of there with 4 meals (1 of which was to feed 6 adults), 2 desserts, lunch stuff, and a couple of toiletries. blows my mind. oh, walmart. 

AND when i got to walmart, i realized i'd forgotten my list. no way on earth was i going to load everyone back up, go home and get it, and then head back to walmart. i parked us over out of the way on an aisle and tried to recreate my list of 30ish items. when i got home, i compared my lists. would you believe that i got every.single.item that was on my original list? that never, never happens!

i have learned a trick (at least to me) to stretching money on meals. i buy the larger package (2.25#) of hamburger and 1 rotisserie chicken. i make 2 meals out of each of them. it's the perfect amount for us and comes in around $12ish on meat for the week. thought i'd share for all of you smallish families :) our boys already have hearty appetites. it's crazy to think how our grocery shopping will look in a few years! 
my happy helpers. 
after unpacking the car and getting some lunch, mr. knox got sick SEVERAL times. after a bath and a short nap, he got sick again in his bed. i've been cleaning up messes all over while trying to cuddle a baby that just wants to be held. poor boy, can't catch a break! praying it's not a bug. he's been super happy/himself the past few days. this would be his 3rd stomach bug in a month. yuck. he does have a new patient appointment tomorrow with our new pediatrician so that's reassuring if there is something going on. 
we were super bummed to have to cancel our plans to have 2 couples over this evening. we had been looking forward to entertaining while nana is gone visiting her sister for some time. hopefully, we'll be able to reschedule soon!

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