last weekend...

geez. i spend my life behind! here it is the weekend again and i'm just getting around to posting this. this past weekend was a good one. friday night was super low-key. after the kids went to bed, lane and i ran to best buy for a macbook charger (if you have a macbook, do you have to buy these yearly like we do?! we're on our 4th one for this computer) and to cheddars for takeout dessert before settling in on the couch for white collar and parks and rec. 

saturday we headed to muskogee for the night. lane's parents were being honored at church the next morning for their 30 years of service to boulevard!! they went there fresh out of bible college. they love that church and community so much and have been loved so well in return! the church had arranged for  steve and dawn's kids, parents, and siblings to all be in town so we could surprise them sunday morning. we stopped at the hotel to visit with the moss side on our way into town. grammie brought yummy dessert with her. of course, the boys jumped on board with that! 
we had told the boys that they could swim while we were there. they had SO been looking forward to it! they loved swimming inside. they also loved the "bath tub" aka hot tub :)
after a little bit, ella and hudson showed up to the party! lane's favorite thing is to take pictures of the boys in weird spots that makes them look unattended, but really he's just ducked out of the picture. this occasion was no different!
since knox was getting over his staph infection, he didn't get to swim. he did get to sweat a lot! it was SO muggy in that room. by the time we left, his hair was super curly!
around 7, we said goodnight and headed to my mom's house. lauren and kyle were staying the night with her so we took the opportunity to celebrate lauren's upcoming 24th birthday! crazy i had 2 kids when i was 24. lauren requested a jello brand, cherry cheesecake (yuck). mom also got a cookie cake for the 3 of us. our birthdays are within a month of each other. i LOVE me some cookie cake! we had a HUGE yummy dinner. 
it's always fun when you have to get lots of little people and yourself ready and somewhere by 9. we actually were in the car by 8:32. whew. enough time for coffee! aren't these cousins pretty sweet?!
about halfway through the service, they showed a video that lane had put together of each brother saying what about their parents ministry they were most thankful for. james then brought steve and dawn up on stage and while he was talking,  we all came out from backstage. it was such a great surprise! after we all took our seats, they had 4 special friends give a testimony of how the moss' had touched their lives. it was such a great morning! 
you may ask how we kept 3 kids quiet during 2 services! well, this little guy consumed a cup of puffs and a fruit pouch during first service. he then had 4 dum-dums and a ring pop during 2nd! worked like a charm :)
and thank goodness for iphones for the big boys!
there was a special lunch at mahylon's afterwards and it was amazing! 
of course, the boys enjoyed the ice cream more than the bbq :)
we said goodbye to all the grandparents and aunts and uncles and headed to oomah and pop's! i felt bad for dawn all week. i would be mortified if a group of people popped in unannounced at my house. she was a trooper and, of course, her house was spotless. the kids enjoyed lots of playtime!
it was tyler's birthday and he requested cookie cake and chips and salsa! 2 cookie cakes in one weekend? not too shabby!!
while we enjoyed our cookie cake, knox snacked on one of his favs!
we stuck around for the first half of the superbowl before heading back to joplin! it was such a short time, but we were thankful to get to see so many of our family members in one trip :)

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