a whole lotta random...

get ready to have your mind blown from the amount of photos and randomness involved!  this righteous pic of lane was taken by canon on our way out of the door one night!

 knox has the BEST brothers. my favorite sound is knox cackling at the boys! they love to entertain and he is easily amused :) 
 this boy enjoys a good 'ol rainy day just like mama.
 you can never have too many weapons, right?!
 we are officially a 2-gallon a week family.
 just another day at the office!
climbing on this picnic table is knox's absolute favorite game! he spends 93% of his day sitting up here.
 i LOVE this headband! maybe we need to add a sister to the bunch :)
 i'm a sucker for thank you/notecards! i found these at tj maxx. they were the only letter left!
so thankful my kiddos are healthy eaters with hearty appetites! we had a rough, picky year with canon from 1-2 years that about did me in. i don't take their eating habits for granted!
nothing sweeter than a little boy playing with his cars.
working on penmanship. i suppose practice will eventually make perfect! this was the longest he had ever stuck with number writing and did a great job.
another favorite of these sweet brothers who are the best of friends!
brothers make the best playmates!
 they were so proud that we made the legos look just like the set in the booklet.
 knox and lachlan. these sweet friends are just 3 months apart and will be great buddies in no time!
a favorite of mr. knox! his wide-mouth smile is just the best.
afternoon walk. they walked the majority of the time this way. melt me. 
ledger decided he needed a rest on our walk! his expression cracks me up.
knox's happy place.
his eating habits are very entertaining these days. the boy is serious about his food!
we survived the tag agency! i may or may not have bribed them with sonic happy hour in return for good behavior ;) in other news, i'm an official missouri resident as far as driver's license and car tags go!
we met cailee and lachlan at the park for a playdate one afternoon. we had a couple of warm days last week that we took full advantage of! knox was so proud that he actually got to climb by himself this time.
if you say "love the baby," knox gives some sweet hugs and kisses to his little friend that he found at nana's.
my newest netflix obsession. this is how i spend nap time most days!
cool cat.
"please i share your spot?"...playing hullabaloo.
saturday we had a little family outing. we let the boys pick what we ate for lunch. they chose pizza so lane took us to this chicago-style pizza place. it was my first time to have this kind, but it was pretty tasty!
canon's getting better at coloring in the lines!
we then headed to the mall for a few hours. the boys hit up the arcade while i browsed tj maxx. i could spend hours in there!
 they request to ride this $1 carousal every time we're there. it's a simple joy to them!
 ledger entertaining himself in the shoe store!
 i'm so THANKFUL that god blessed me with the little family that he did! 

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