a snow day...

this is what we woke up to tuesday morning...
we finally got ourselves a decent snow day! really the second one in less than a week, but this one was perfect for playing in the snow. i LOVE the snow SO much! the past 2 winters have been big bummers when it comes to the lack of white stuff around these parts. 

lane got a semi-snow day since his office didn't open until 10:30 that day and he had a few comp hours that he needed to use. ledger was itching to get outside and play in really his first good snow that he was able to play in. when we haqd our blizzard a couple of years ago, he was 15 months. and it was deeper than he was tall!
while ledger was playing in the snow, this is what canon was doing. saddest pic :(
poor boy, woke up with the stomach bug that ledger had had. thankfully, it just lasted a few hours!

after dinner everyone was feeling great so we took advantage of the last few minutes of daylight. canon LOVED getting a chance to throw snow!
we LOVE snow! lane is more of a mountain guy than a beach guy. and i just love a good snow!
this was knox's first snow! he looked VERY concerned the whole 20 minutes he was outside, but don't let him fool you. everytime i would try to take him inside, he would freak out. he loved it even though he never showed any emotion :)
hitting snow into the air?!
 not amused.
eating delicious snow?!
over it.
secretly, he's loving the white stuff!
 and because boys like to destroy things, enjoy the demise of our snowman!
it was a fantastic day (despite the...sickness)! even though our plans didn't hinge on a real snow day, we sure enjoyed the heck out of it :)

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the greers said...

I really like how robust your snowman was!