knox's first haircut...

while we were in muskogee this past week, i made an appointment for each of us to get our haircut. i'd finally made peace with knox getting his hair cut for the first time. i thought 10 days out from our family pictures was a good amount of fresh without being too fresh!

our before:
my appointment was earlier in the day so while i got to relax doing one of my most favorite things, the boys played at eden and levi's house. they had a blast! we miss seeing them and their girls more often.
waiting their turn. they always argue back and forth about who will go first. it's the only time they put others before themselves without being asked! ha!
ledger always ends up in the chair first! by this point, he goes willingly knowing he gets a sucker first! and sweet shelly has cut my hair since i was in 7th grade. she has now cut all 3 of my boys' hair. we adore her!
knox's sweet before shots. check out that deep side part and righteous mullet! i was in denial, convincing myself that he had actual curls. they were only half-curls that would only "curl" on 2-3 day old, dirty hair. sweet denial!
 my handsome, clean cut boys :)

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