a sweet hour...

unfortunately, this sweet boy is sick...again. 
he started running high fever out of the blue yesterday around lunch and it continued until bedtime. around midnight, i couldn't fall asleep and had this nagging feeling to go check on him. at touch, i could tell he was blazing so i got him up for more meds and a temperature check. sure enough, he had 104.5. thankfully, i've learned not to panic at high temps. it only took 3 kids! when he wouldn't leave a cool rag on his head, i put him in a tepid bath. he only lasted 5 of the 20 minutes. poor boy, was miserable and shaking!

after getting dressed again, i offered him some water and he wouldn't drink it out of his sippy spout. i figured he'd take it out of a straw. after a few drinks, we started a game of taking the lid off/on and the straw out/in. this entertainment lasted a good 10 minutes. despite having such a high temp, he was so pleasant. 

we moved over to his toy bin and had the best time. he literally took every toy out and examined it. we talked about colors. we talked about all the animals. we talked on his phone. we worked a puzzle. he was full of smiles and things to say and i just ate him up. it was such a sweet time! even though i HATE when my babies are sick, sweet memories always come from those times. i LOVED, LOVED having this special one-on-one time with my youngest. 

after an hour, i retook his temp and it had come down a degree. at that point, i was comfortable knowing the tylenol was kicking in and i could put him back to bed. sweet boy went right back to sleep. he's the best little baby! love him to pieces.

this morning i took him to the doctor assuming it was his ears that we have been dealing with for 1.5 weeks now. nope. they are perfectly healed. it's something called herpangina. i had never heard of this, not even in nursing school. it's supposedly common in his age group. it's a virus that has high fevers and mouth sores. when i mentioned that he looked like it hurt to swallow, he looked in his mouth and sure enough, he had them. since it's viral, we gotta "let it run its course." if i had a dime for everytime i heard this! thanking jesus for his otherwise good health and praying he feels better fast :)

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Kyndal said...

Bless his sweet baby heart! So sorry y'all have been battling the sickies. We've been fortunate to mostly escape them, but I have so many friends for whom it's gotten REALLY serious this season. Glad Little K is on the mend. :)