mother-son date knight...

last night, our chick-fil-a hosted a mother-son date knight. i'd wanted to take the boys to this in tulsa last summer, but we ended up being out of town. i was SUPER excited when i found out about this one!
they were very serious about it. canon held the door open for me. ledger handed the girl our money. such little gentlemen!
 we all had so much. i LOVE talking with my big guys! they are definitely entertaining...and silly. 
chick-fil-a went all out as usual for their theme nights. they had a knight. they handed out crowns. they had a free ice cream sundae bar. there was a magician and a balloon maker making laser guns or swords. mine chose "space ranger guns". they had a fun photobooth set up! it was such a fun time with my big boys :)
meanwhile, daddy and knox hung out. this might have been their first solo outing! they shared chicken wings at hackett's...
 ...and then browsed books-a-million! he was tucked soundly asleep by the time we got home :)
this morning, i woke up to the news that i had won this cute monogrammed casserole dish from a contest i had entered! i am forever entering contest, but this is my first time to win. i was super excited...like freak my kids out excited :)

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