a weekend getaway...

this past weekend was lane and i's much anticipated weekend getaway, but first, we got to kickoff our weekend by spending some time with our sweet tulsa friends, the stewart's! they were staying in joplin for a gymnastic meet. we had planned on meeting them for dinner and then heading back to our house, but then we found out that the youth group (including the stewart's oldest son, caleb) would be passing through joplin at dinner time so our party met up with them. it was so great seeing all of their sweet faces again! we then got to spend a wonderful evening visiting with lisa and kenneth while our kids wore their big boys out!
saturday, we got up and around and made it to muskogee by lunch time to drop our boys with my  mom. they were SO excited to stay with gram and aunt clo! we were pretty excited for 24 hours to ourselves, too :) it was knox's first night away from me. we had been together every single night for 2 years! this was also lane and i's first overnight trip in a hotel by overselves since our one year anniversary. see? much needed :)
my sister works for the gaylord texan who is owned by marriott. she is able to get immediate family a super good rate with their chain of hotels. we got to stay downtown in a brand new hotel in the brady district. it was so nice and clean! i'm weird about hotel cleanliness :)
after laying around for a couple of hours, we got ready to head to an early dinner at our FAVORITE steakhouse in tulsa. seriously, i can't even express how good each thing is. so i won't try! we left full and so happy!
the main reason for the weekend was my belated birthday gift. i had been dying to see jim gaffigan! i LOVE him and was so excited when lane surprised me on my birthday with tickets. we got to laugh along with 4,000 other people. i LOVE laughing! 
after a restless night of sleep (boo) of being hot and having an allergy attack, we slept until 9:30. we commented how nice it was to just be silent in the morning until we had fully woken up. we have 2 chatty kathy's as soon as their little eyes open! after checking out of the hotel, we ran by the hospital to see amy and john's new baby girl. it feels like i just blogged about visiting her big brother in the hospital! snuggling sweet harper did my soul good! 
we then made our way to the palace cafe for brunch. we had never been there before, but loved our time there! it was delicious and very chic. can you tell most of our trips revolve around eating? :)
we then rushed to make a 1:00 showing of les miserables. i totally redeemed myself! lane had insisted that we needed to see this movie in a theater back when it was released. we never got around to it before they took it off. to say lane was bummed is an understatement. on the way to tulsa, i was just randomly looking at movies and saw that one theater in tulsa was still showing it. i pushed back our meeting time with my mom so we could go. it was good, but i get really bored and antsy at the theater, but lane LOVED it and that's what was important! it really was an amazing movie!
we were so thankful for our time together. i thought it would just fly by and be over in a flash, but it wasn't. we were able to fully enjoy each hour. i LOVE spending one-on-one time with lane!! we left so refreshed. thank you, mom and chloe, for loving on our boys! they had a blast and had lots to talk about for a solid 1.5 hours home :)

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