knox at 15 months...

this sweet boy just keeps learning things and growing up on me. he's officially a toddler now. as much as i miss my baby and get some baby fever here and there, i'm so grateful that i'm able to soak up literally every minute of him! watching my kids learn and master new things is such a joy to watch. here's a bit of what this busy body has been up to...
sweet, ornery, bashful, funny, loving, playful, hot head are all words i would use to describe you right now. wait. did i just say hot head about you? yes. yes, i did. you're little temper is rearing it's ugly head. you do not like to be told no or have something taken from your firm grasp! you are strong and your face turns beet red instantly! the good news to this not so good problem is you calm down in a half a second and you can easily be distracted to something else. however, it's something for us to be on top of! the bashful problem seems to be resolving at least where you cry when someone looks at you. you still act bashful occasionally, but at least you don't flip a lid. you LOVE to wave to people. anytime you're leaving or they are, you just wave and wave and say "bye". you are doing great in church nurseries. i haven't been called out in a couple of months! you love to make us laugh. you think repetitive jokes are really funny :)

you are a busy body who is all over the place and gets into everything! you have developed an interest in books in the past couple of weeks. you will bring us a book and climb into our lap. you may only last a couple of pages, but at least the interest is there :) you love your brother's pb chairs. you climb into them and just watch. besides sleeping, it may be the only time you sit still! you like to play with balls. you like to play basketball on your little goal. you have taken an interest in cars and will make the "vroom, vroom" sound. you pretty much touch all of our toys at some point throughout the day!

you figured out how to climb down the stairs. we say, "get on your belly!" and you scoot to the stairs and turn over on your belly and go feet down. it's pretty cute. of course, you're drawn to the stairs like a moth to a light! you started crawling funny this month. you crawl with one fist and one hand. you're so close to walking. you will let go of stuff, but if you even think about taking a step, you just sit down. i'm ok with carrying you, sweet baby :)

you've figured out how to commuincate by pointing, shaking your head and putting stuff in our hands. it amazes us! you also started saying lala.

takes bib off at every meal. 

stopped taking a morning nap because it was messing with your afternoon nap

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