easter weekend...

we had the BEST weekend...short, but so fun!! saturday morning lane, nana, the boys and i hit the road for muskogee at 7:55. after dropping nana at dawn's house, we headed to my mom's for a few hours of fun. first up was dying easter eggs. this was the boys first time, and, honestly, i may just dye them next year ahead of time. they didn't want to wait long enough for the eggs to get super bright! they did however enjoy decorating them :)
they LOVED hunting them!
after an easy round for the boys, we had fun hiding them super hard for lauren! she found them all except one hidden in the curtains behind her. we played the hot/cold game to give her hints, and it really is sad how long it took her to find it :)
next up: bowling! it had been years since i had bowled and it was the boys first time! 
the boys drew teams and it randomly happened that all the "L's" were on a team and all the "C/K's" were on a team.
the boys had the best time. ledger won the "most encouraging" award. every.single.time. someone bowled, he would tell them "good job" or "keep trying".  and he jumped up and down a lot! he's jumping in the picture below :) sweetheart!
after my team beat the "L"  team (l is for losers), we headed to lane's parents house for the afternoon and evening. the boys' cousins were in town because they're mommy and daddy were at the hospital with their sweet new sister! they all loved playing together. why do kids' volumes and energy levels still surprise me after almost 5 years?! we also had an amazing steak dinner between all the bites of candy! do they know the way to my heart or what? :)
looking through their fun easter baskets!
another easter egg hunt! i may've been mean and hid one high in the tree :)
"look at all this candy!!!"
that evening, nana and i met my family at boulevard for their easter program. chloe was performing in it and they always do such a great job! after retrieving my little family, we headed back over to my mom's house. as we were getting everyone ready for bed, we we were issued an all of a sudden tornado warning. even after living in oklahoma for 27 years, they still freak me out! 
sunday morning, we went to church with my mom. we were all supposed to go together at christmas, but knox was sick and we ended up taking him to the doctor in tulsa instead. anyway, trying to get a "good" picture of the boys has just become so comical. if i don't look at it as comical and just part of this stage of life (that i will miss one day), it's frustrating :) one of my favorite bloggers, jennifer, wrote the perfect post on perfect pictures yesterday! despite NOT getting a great picture, my sweet boys looked precious and were as sweet as ever yesterday. they had such sweet spirits all day! 
knox is just a man on the go these days and does not like having his hand held! and ledger's expressions kill me. he's so expressive! and canon was just a great big brother trying to help. LOVE my boys!
happy easter from our family!
my beautiful family who i'm so grateful for! they're a great bunch to laugh with!

while we waited for lunch, we went on a little family walk. well, we walked. the boys just ran and ran. knox was SO sleepy, but refused to nap!

after a yummy lunch, my mom and sister gave the boys their easter baskets. "close your eyes!!"
these boys are so spoiled. thankfully, they're not too rotten yet!
we headed to the park to try out their new kites. this was also a new experience that they totally rocked! they LOVED kite flying! canon and kyle flew batman.
while lane and ledger flew buzz lightyear!
kite watchers :)
wanna know a little secret?? i still haven't given the boys their easter baskets from us. they got so much from everyone else that we didn't really have a chance this weekend. we will do them tonight, BUT while flying their kites, they were concerned with the sun in their eyes so i ran to the van to fetch their new sunglasses out of my stash of easter stuff for them. 
just a couple of cool cats!
my mom brought their laser bubble guns to the park. you bet your bottom they loved those!
bubbles kept this baby smiling :)
lane took this picture of aunt chloe and knox that i adore!
just us girls! and yes. that's my scarf! my arms were a little bit cool! it really was a gorgeous easter day, though.
after saying good-bye early afternoon, we picked up nana and headed back to joplin. the boys were dying to play with their outside toys some more so we opened the windows and stuck them on the back porch. these 3 had the best time for over an hour! i looked out the window at one point and saw this sweet moment. canon just kept patting knox's back. they all sat there for a few minutes. i LOVE it when they love each other well!
they were so muddy and wet from bubbles, but they had a ball! they were just being who god made them to be. when i saw their precious feet with mud caked on and in them, i wanted to memorize every detail of them. i had lane go take a picture of their feet and it's became one of my favorites!
and, yes, i bribed them to stand still for a picture with suckers :) i love this one, too!
you know it was a really fun weekend when you're on your 3rd bath in less than 24 hours!
it was such a beautiful weekend full of sweet, new memories. i ADORE easter and it's significance. it's one of my favorite holidays! i'm SO thankful for a savior who CHOSE to redeem my broken life and STILL loves me all these years later . what LOVE!!

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eden said...

Such a sweet weekend, FULL of great memories! thanks for sharing!!