march iphone dump...

it's hard to believe march is already gone. i HATE how fast time goes. seriously, it was JUST january! anyway, i'm just trying to soak up every ounce of my babies that are transforming before my eyes :( anytime i say something about them growing up or getting too big, they both respond with, "we will still give you hugs when we are big!" good thing. here are a few random iphone pics from the past few weeks...

we had our family pics taken at the beginning of the month. here is the first sneak peek we got! they made me so happy...and unable to fall asleep that night :)
i LOVE how repetition makes babies so happy!
this month, we made a pretty drastic change to our family's diet. we went gluten free! it has gone so wonderfully well. maybe i will share about it one of these days. the boys and i also enjoy a fruit/veggie smoothie each morning around 10 for snack. they LOVE to help make them and can't get enough!
nana insisted that we go check out the chicks and ducks at atwoods. the big boys loved looking at them. they weren't letting people hold them :( knox, however, was terrified. i think he thought we were going to put him in the tubs with them!
no one could pinch us on st. patrick's day!
one of canon's photography pieces from my phone! who knew that lamp could be so beautiful :)
knox is an official walker. he has taken his sweet time, but he now walks the majority of the time! i LOVE, LOVE watching babies get the hang of this lifelong skill. thankfully, i got to watch it happen for a couple of months :)
unfortunately, until he gets his balance down pat, bumps and bruises are a part of his daily look.
lane and i's allergies have been AWFUL this year. i have a love/hate relationship with spring. the weather channel sends me these texts every few days. yuck.
the boys received a package from their great-grandma, mimi, last week! they LOVE to get mail. i don't know what the little boys would do if canon didn't force their faces to look at the camera :)
she sent them a book that she had pre-recorded herself reading it to them. it was so special! and i loved hearing her voice, too :) thank you for your thoughtfulness, mimi!
we are loving roasted veggies right now. you can find these on our dinner table a few nights a week. yum.
watching this little porker eat never gets old. he LOVES his groceries!
thankfully, we've had a ton of showings lately, but nothing has come of them. nothing but frustration. we get a feedback email from the showing realtor after each showing. everyone loves the house, but something isn't right for them. like this one, for example. i can't do anything about the yard size. it will happen! we are so thankful for god's faithfulness to us through this whole process. and we are SUPER thankful that nana hasn't kicked us out to the curb yet :)
just playing a little game called "easter cars". i have no idea what that means. as long as everyone is playing kindly! canon has been loving his cars lately, though. i adore little boys!
putting "gas" in canon's car. me and my sister used to pretend grass was gas, too!
another mail delivery! these boys are so loved and spoiled. this time it was from grammie and poppa!
what started out so nicely, turned chaotic in a heartbeat. the little boys fighting over the bag of chocolate and canon insisting the basket was a hat. oy. thank you for thinking of the boys, grammie and poppa!
this past friday, we got a new niece...miss hadley jane!! SUPER exciting! isn't she so pretty?! i can't wait to kiss on those sweet cheeks this weekend! we love you so much already, sweet girl!
we've loved hanging out with the crisps since they moved here last month. they're such sweet friends! lachlan and knox are just 3 months apart and are already becoming such good buddies. 
that's what's been going on here lately! we're just waiting for warmer days to officially come to stay. we're averaging 1-2 pretty days a week that we totally take advantage of, but today it feels like 36. brrr. i keep reminding myself that it'll be blazing hot soon and to just enjoy whatever weather we're having right now. easier said than done. sometimes this basement feels smaller than it is! april doesn't seem too crazy right now...a couple of appointments, a couple of weekend overnighters and a trip to dallas!! 

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