our weekend...

we've had a wonderful, full weekend...again! we are loving staying busy with so many fun people to see! on friday evening, nana, lane, the boys and i headed for stillwater for our niece, ella's, birthday party on saturday. nana stayed with her daughter while our crew had a sleepover at lane's brothers house. amy and drew were gracious to house us along with lane's parents and brother. it was SO fun all being together under one roof! the boys were super excited about their "sleepover". it was fun passing sweet baby hadley around. we're all smitten with her!
my sweet baby had a rough night of sleep. he played until 11 before finally falling asleep. lane, tyler and i stayed up until 3:30. it was totally worth it...until knox woke up at 4:30 and didn't go back to sleep. he's working on his first set of molars and he doesn't do particularly well when we all sleep in the same room. around 6:30, he started getting pretty vocal so since the house was still sleeping, we got in the car and drove around. you better believe starbucks was my first stop! at 7:45, we headed back to the house where everyone was starting to wake up. little stinker. good thing he's cute!
the kids spent the morning playing. knox and ella are quite the little buddies! he ADORES her and she is sweet to him. he's been saying her name for about a month now whenever he sees her picture!
we had a pizza lunch before heading to their church's gym. her park party got moved due to the cold/wet weather. the girl racked up on princess stuff! someone joked about her gifts..."things that we would never see at lane and kelli's kids' party!"so true. we live in total boy land!
 oomah and pops with their grankids :)
 uncle tyler and his lil' nuggets as he calls them (aunt dee had to work. we missed her!)
on the way back to joplin, we stopped in tulsa to do a couple of things. while lane was cleaning up the yard, the boys ran crazy through the house. they were fired up! this is the first time since we've moved that it's been emotional being there. i'm sure it's because we're about to officially say good-bye to it. it's such a good little house. we'll move our stuff out mid-may and that will be our final good-bye. as bittersweet as it is, i can't tell you how ready i am to finally have it off our hands! it's been a source of worry...and trust!!
today has been such a sweet day. i LOVE the weekends when lane is home with us. i LOVE even more when the weather is gorgeous and we have nothing to do! this morning we went to late service. you better believe i slept well after my one hour on friday night! when we go to late service, we have time to take pics. it's the one morning when everyones clean and put together :) have i mentioned lately how much i LOVE matching brothers?! each boy had such a good attitude this morning at home and at church. something to be thankful for! we've had our fair share of the sunday morning uglies. we're finally to the point where there are no tears from anyone when we drop them off at their classes! yay!
we usually go out for lunch most sundays. of course, we can never agree or decide right away so we drive around for awhile. we're terrible at this! somehow we ended up at cheddar's. the boys entertained themselves in the flower bed while we waited.
we got home around 2:30. every single day, ledger asks at lunch, "please i stay up?" we usually let him skip naps on the weekend. today, we decided to play outside. they got water guns as party favors yesterday and were dying to shoot them. we then remembered lauren had sent home a package of water balloons. so after donning sunscreen and swimsuits, we headed out back for a good 'ol fashioned water balloon fight! it took us 45 minutes to fill up 100 balloons and only 7 minutes to destroy them. the boys were so disappointed. but since they helped clean them up so well, lane promised them we would get some more this week. this made them happy again! it was SO fun...and cold!
lane told them before church that they could have ice cream today since they were having such good attitudes! knox woke up just in time to get in on the action :)
lane brought knox out after his nap and didn't realize that he had taken his diaper off in the crib until he set him down on the patio. this baby is an ornery one!
such a precious weekend! thankful for the time we spent with our loved ones. thankful for the memories we made today. thankful for my sweet boys' laughter. thankful for a husband who loves so selflessly. thankful for god's faithfulness. going to bed with a full heart tonight. good night!

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aanna said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love reading about your family...even when i actually get to hang out with you. Now I REALLY wish we had been able to meet you at Cheddar's!