a beautiful monday...

not many mondays are just gorgeous and filled with energy and good attitudes, but today was the exception! everyone woke up ready to take on the day. considering we had NO groceries in the house, walmart was our first order of business. while there, we had decided to paint flower pots and plant seeds. the boys were all about the seeds even though i explained it would be weeks before they would even see any flowers. more power to them! 
we always treat ourselves to lunch after the grocery store. it's kind of an oxy moron since we just bought a van load of food, but it almost seems like a reward for accomplishing such a dreaded task! since it was such a beautiful day, we decided on a backyard picnic. nana has such a great shade tree. we've definitely loved her backyard this spring! after lunch, we laid on the picnic blanket and read books. the breeze was delightful! the pot-painting and seed-planting quickly got vetoed. i guess i left my paint in tulsa and the seeds needed to be soaked for 24 hours. boo.

my monogrammed casserole dish from the pink azalea giveaway arrived! i LOVE it and can't wait to take it somewhere! who wants me to bring them a cake?!
nana commented last week how much she loves a hot dog. we definitely don't eat hot dogs very often, but the weather just called for grilling. i do enjoy me a grilled, all beef frank! we went back outside after dinner. baseball was the game of the hour. that and wrestling! ollie adores his daddy.
the many stances of ledger!
batter up...
grand slam!!!
such a ham :)
after coming inside and cleaning up, the big boys had a lesson in paper airplanes. they were fascinated! lane taught them how to make a trick airplane. that fired them up...right before bed :) now we're watching bbc's sherlock. it's a fun whodunit. however, this episode is creepier than the others! 
thankful for my guys!

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