may iDump...

after a crazy, cool spring, we had snow on may 3rd. surprisingly, it didn't break the record for latest snow on record. we like dit because we knew in no time it'd be that awful, miserable kind of heat...like it is today (7/10). come on, fall and winter...
one on one time with this little boy. there were too many toys around for him to look at the camera!
food may be the only thing knox loves more than a bath. we can't mention the word without him running to the bathroom, demanding a bath. while daddy worked puzzles with the big boys, knox got to be contained in his favorite place! a win-win for all :)
this was a watch-a-short-show-and-turn-in-early kind of night for these guys!
our little samson.
sometimes knox gets to eat suckers before our food arrives because he doesn't understand how restaurants work. or maybe he does and we're just falling for his little game!
 i wish he could stay 3 forever...sigh. 2 and 3 have been good years for this kid. hoping 4 doesn't ruin the streak!
baby shark.
trying to do chomp-chomp with his hands!
 a couple of superheroes at saving the park!
good golly, he's cute! he looks so grown up here :( i'm gonna have to slap a jon-jon on him asap!
test driving the power wheels at toy r' us. they think they need one!
 sweet little helper :)

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