canon's 5th birthday...

my first born son turned 5 on may 29th :( i'm still in denial that 5 years has passed this fast. as his birthday was getting closer, we would play a little game where i would fake cry and say, "i don't want you to be 5!" and he would laugh and say, "i'll still you give you hugs when i'm 5!" so what's the first thing this boy does on the morning of his 5th birthday? runs up to me and gives me the biggest, tightest hug and says ,"see?!?!" i love him so much :)
while i was getting his breakfast ready, he opened his cards from all of great grandparents and great aunt and uncle! 
happy birthday waffles (from the freezer...shhhhh!) and strawberries!
he had some birthday money to spend so off we went to target. my sweet little, indecisive mini-me walked up and down every aisle...twice, turning down every suggestion ledger and i offered. at last, on an endcap, his eyes laid hold of these justice league characters. he confidently said, "this is what i want!" i LOVE little boys. they're SO different from how i grew up that it's just so fascinating to me. i never knew or cared anything about any superhero until the past 7ish years. now i love them and know all of their back stories! the superheroes were a hit and have pretty much gone everywhere with us since. and just for fun, try to spot them in every photo on this post!
after target, we met lane for lunch at hibachi. it had been a couple of years since we had taken the boys and thought it would be a fun birthday lunch! we told them before going inside that they were going to cook our food at our table and they make a big fire and do cool tricks, but we didn't give them the warning that it was about to happen. as soon as our chef made the big fire, all 3 boys lost it! i don't blame them. after they recovered, they remained a bit nervous until the chef had left. they said they liked their food, but didn't want to come back to that restaurant...ha!
when we got home, canon asked, "will you take a picture of our guys?"
birthday group hug! everyone was feeling the love that day :)
after dinner, lane had planned to take canon out for some one on one time. they went up to the college to throw rocks in the creek and hike for a bit. they stopped for icees and candy first! lane said canon just ate up that special time. we love to do things one on one with our kids!

he thinks his dadd hung the moon!
while lane and canon were gone, the little guys and i went on a walk. except that once outside, i realized lane had taken the stroller in the van so we really just strolled at a snail's pace :) ledger's favorite figures were and still are superman and wonder "girl". knox just likes whichever one the boys let him play with!
i LOVE this picture so much!
it was a fun day celebrating canon and thanking god for allowing him to be a part of our family! he's an incredible boy with the sweetest heart. he's full of never-ending energy and love! we love you, sweet boy :)

the next day, oomah and pops drove up for the night since they were out of town during his party. they brought canon his gift and set it all up...and then it rained and rained and rained! so they played with it in the bathroom, soaking it from ceiling to floor! we all loved their visit!

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