7th anniversary...

our anniversary was 2 days after we got back from traveling the world. this was only our 3rd or 4th of 7 to celebrate together on the actual day! lane took a comp day that day so we had a fun day. canon and i took knox to his 18 month well child check up first thing that morning while lane and ledger went on a special errand. 
my dad had called and said he had a late morning meeting just 20 minutes away and if we were free to meet him for lunch. it was such a fun, last minute thing! i'm so glad we got to spend a little, unexpected time with him. 
the candy man. aka g-dad!
that night, our sweet friends agreed to keep our crew last minute so we could go out to dinner. they fed them dinner and had a whole night of fun planned! i'm thankful for friends that i can leave my kids with without even worrying an ounce. the boys had a blast! thanks, crisps, for loving our family! you're amazing friends who feel like family!
and so did we! we love our fancy, special place that has become our tradition in joplin...SO yum. we are slowly getting settled and making new routines/traditions! it blows my mind to think that we have been married 7 years. it seems like forever and only a breath all at the same time. so thankful for every detail of our journey!
i love you, lane :)

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